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Obtaining a number of quotations from different Access Control installers is fraught with problems. The various companies may produce widely differing specifications based upon totally different concepts. This often results in the customer, who has no specialist knowledge, being unable to make a sound choice. These problems are often compounded by the fact that Access Control companies will normally send along salesmen whose job is to do just that - sell. The outcome is often that the customer either purchases a more expensive Access Control system than is necessary or, if the salesman is worried about the competition, receives a system which, while being low on price, is unable to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

The CCTV Advisory Service is an independent consultancy that has been established to improve the quality of CCTV and Access Control design in the UK. As a business we do not sell or install Access Control but offer, as a free service, independent advice and a visit to your premises to design a detailed Access Control specification. Included in the specification will be the type of reading technology, the locks and release devices required, as well as identifying whether you require a stand alone or an online system.

Following this we will also arrange for three pre-qualified companies to tender and provide quotations for you to ensure that you receive a quality Access Control system at the best value. As we have supplied these companies with a detailed Access Control specification, as well as a list of all the equipment which must be installed, when the quotations arrive the only difference will be the price.

If you would like advice on the design, purchase or upgrade of your Access Control System please:-

  • Contact us or
  • Telephone our on-call consultant, 07988 717847 or
  • Continue reading.

Please note that our Access Control consultant may not be available and unable to answer your call immediately, but be assured they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Having completed the design we will:-
  • Provide you with a budget cost and specification
  • Ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the recommended Access Control system and its cost.
  • Produce a document that competing Access Control installers can tender against and send it out to three companies.
  • Arrange for these three companies to send their competitive tenders directly to you.

There is no charge for this service

The advantages to you will be that:-

  • The three companies will be quoting against the same specification not producing widely differing ideas.
  • You will be able to compare the quotations like for like.
  • We will specify the exact equipment to be used so that no company will be able to gain a price advantage by using lower quality equipment.
  • You will know that the companies tendering are reputable, capable of completing a quality installation and also able to give you the service and back-up you require over the coming years - we realise that the sweet taste of low price is quickly forgotten with the bitterness of poor service.
  • With these issues taken care of it will be a simple matter to compare prices from their quotations.

Please contact us if you would like us to help you design a Access Control System

The steps taken when designing your Access Control system will be to:-

  • Carefully examine the issues that have prompted you to consider the purchase of Access Control
  • Discuss different types of Access Control equipment so that you can make an intelligent choice as to what best suits your needs and requirements.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the limitations of Access Control, such as the read range of various readers, the type of technology best suited for the application, and whether a stand alone or an online system is required.
  • Conduct a complete survey of the areas you wish to control.
  • Produce a complete specification and costs.

How are we paid?

When conducting sales visits, installation companies send along salesmen who are paid salary, commission, expenses and normally drive a relatively new company car. Because we have completed the work that their salesmen would normally have fulfilled (although, often, to a much higher standard) the company chosen by the client, from the three we have selected to tender, will pay our consultancy fee out of the money that would normally be paid to their sales force. This enables our clients to receive free independent consultative services while paying no more for the installed system than if had they gone direct to the installation company.