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The PDF files below contain full course details.

CCTV 1 Foundation CCTV Our popular ‘flagship’ course is for those with little experience of CCTV and others at work in the industry who need to update their installation and maintenance skills. The course offers a balance of classroom theory and hands-on practical tuition in the Tavcom workshops. The content includes the latest digital and IP technology.
CCTV 2.1 CCTV Installation This action packed workshop-based course is designed for those who wish to enhance their skills in the installation of the latest analogue and digital CCTV equipment - including IP technology - used in today's security industry.
CCTV 2.3 CCTV Repair and Maintenance A highly enjoyable training course with a strong practical emphasis. The content has been specifically designed to assist all security systems engineers who need to improve their CCTV diagnostic and rectification skills.
CCTV 2.5 Practical Optical Fibre Find out just how simple it really is to plan, design, splice and connect optical fibre. On Day 1 we take you through the essential principles and provide you with the chance to plan and design a fibre system. On Day 2 we spend most of the time in the workshops splicing, polishing and installing cameras over fibre networks.
CCTV 2.6 Wireless Transmission The latest innovations in wireless technologies have encouraged increasing numbers of local government agencies, police, military and commercial organisations to use wireless transmission to convey CCTV images. This course will teach you the correct methods of selecting, installing and designing a wireless security system.
CCTV 4 CCTV Masterclass Covering the A to Z of Closed Circuit Television from an advanced technical perspective this programme was devised to develop the skills of practioners in design, consultancy and commissioning. It will dig deep into your existing reserves of knowledge but will lead you to the pinnacle of CCTV expertise.
CCTV 8 Practical CCTV Offering a superb blend of ‘need to know’ classroom theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience, this course will provide you with the necessary skillsto work effectively in the security and surveillance sector.
CCTV 9 CCTV Legislation By popular request we have introduced a 1 day course to keep you informed of the latest developments in CCTV legislation. From data protection and evidence criteria to human rights legislation and freedom of information, every vital issue of the day will be addressed.
CS 1 CCTV System Planning This course offers an excellent balance of theory and real world practical exercises. Plan, design and present CCTV solutions that are functional practical and achievable.
COV 1 Covert CCTV This fascinating course with its strong practical bias will take your CCTV skills to new levels. You will acquire the confidence to develop your own Operational Requirement and learn methods of installingcovert hides whilst keeping within the current legal framework.
OR 1 The Operational Requirement A must for everyone involved in gathering CCTV information. The course allows you to ensure that your system's captured images will always meet their technical and legal purposes. Course content includes the latest CCTV Strategy, European Standards and Codes of Practice, a summary of the Data Protection Act, Home Office face identification criteria, the NORMAN measurable target and, most importantly, a practical tuition period teaching you how to develop the all important Operational Requirement.
CE 1 Electronic Countermeasures Encounter some surprising facts and learn to take active measures to limit the real and serious threat you face from hidden eavesdropping devices. Explore the best techniques for detecting hidden bugs, not only with modern electronic detection devices but also by simple and traditional physical and visual methods.
CCTV 7 CCTV Refresher The fundamental principles of CCTV have remained constant over time - we still need a camera, lens and display screen - but the technology surrounding tis fascinating subject continues to develop at an astonishing rate. This one day course covers all the emerging new technologies and is the perfect way to 'brush up' your knowledge.
LIT 1 CCTV Lighting Well planned, properly installed and fully maintained security lighting is essential for domestic and commercial buildings, as well as in public outdoor spaces such as car parks, and railway stations. Good illumination not only provides public reassurance and safety but is also vital for the successful capture of CCTV evidence.

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