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Designed to save money when installing CCTV in Lifts/Elevators the [email protected] LED and [email protected] Laser Lift Transmission Systems are now available throughout the world.

[email protected], LED optical video transmission system is suitable for low-rise buildings(below 100m), and [email protected], laser optical system is suitable for high-rise buildings(below 300m).

These products were specially developed for Elevator CCTV video transmission.

They transmit NTSC or PAL composite video signal when installing CCTV in elevators.

They eliminate the installation of coaxial cable within the lift shaft and reduce both the installation, inspection and maintenance costs.

Depending on the number of floors customers can save 60% total costs compared with coaxial cables.

Transmitting Video by Laser or LED Light results in the following advantages

  • No need for cabling - no cable costs
  • Cost-effective & No maintenance
  • Save high installation costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Semi-permanent life span
  • Real time transmission.
  • High quality (DVD quality) video transmission
  • High Reliability
  • Same cost regardless of number of floors
  • Immune to disturbance by dust & noise
  • No need for frequency license and fee
[email protected] [email protected]
Operating Distance 100m / 328ft (up to 25 floors) 300m / 990ft (up to 75 floors)
Technology LED Optical Technology Laser Optical Technology
Cost Low Mid-range
Image Quality D1 D1
Warranty 3 years 3 years

Lift3.jpg Lift4.jpg Lift5.jpg

Conventional Coax Cable [email protected]
Number of Installers 3 2
Installation Hours 4 1
Maintenance and Repair Cost
  • Frequent cable damage from operational friction
  • Regular Maintenance check required
  • New Cable wiring is necessary when cable damage occurs
  • High Repair costs (labour + elevator down time)
  • Replacement cable cost
  • Buildings with 40+ floors incur even greater maintenance issues and costs
  • No Maintenance
  • No repair
  • Semi-permanent life span
  • No increased cost for large buildings – 300m range
Maintenance and Safety Issues
  • Cracking in coax cable causes intermittent video signal drops
  • Coax cable can tangle with elevator travelling cables resulting in safety concerns
  • No Cable related problems
Warranty No warranty 3 year warranty from date of purchase

Existing Users

Since 2006, more than 5,000 units of [email protected] have been installed in high-rise apartments and corporate buildings and is recommended by leading Korean elevator installation companies such as.

  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator Korea
  • Hyundai Elevator
  • Otis Elevator Korea

High rise corporate Buildings utilising the [email protected] include

  • Wynn Las Vegas Casino Hotel(50 floors), US
  • New York Housing Authorities(30 floors), US
  • Peninsular Hotel(30 floors), Hong Kong
  • RCBC Plaza in Manila(46 floors), Philippines
  • Samsung Life Insurance Headquarter Building(41 floors), Korea
  • Samsung Group Namdaemoon Headquarter Building, Korea
  • Shangri-La Hotel Sydney(36 floors), Australia
  • LG Display Building, Korea
  • Richensia Building(47 floors), Korea
  • Korea Investment & Securities Building(25 floors), Korea
  • POSCO Building, Korea
  • YTN Tower(24 floors), Korea
  • Many Small Company Groups- Headquarter Buildings, Korea


3.png The [email protected] received the 'Product of the Year 2010' award from Security Products magazine.

Eco Friendly


Go Green and Stay Green with a Laser/LED Optical CCTV Video Transmission System for Elevator!

[email protected], the laser optical video transmission system and [email protected], the LED optical video transmission system have always been ¡°Green¡±, eco-friendly products replacing the coaxial cables for Lift/Elevator CCTV Systems.

CCTV coaxial cables in lifts/elevators are neither eco-friendly nor cost-efficient. Due to travel damage a considerable amount of cable waste is being removed from lifts every year. When the [email protected] was installed in the Kumho Richensia in Korea, large amounts of damaged cables had to be removed from the lift shaft. The replacement of coax cables had been an ongoing and regular cost to the building management.

Coaxial cables in lift CCTV system are not energy-efficient. The weight of coaxial cables increases to the drag on the elevator. [email protected] gives you the opportunity to save electricity and lower your energy costs as the unit only weighs 435g and uses a DC 12V adapter further reducing the energy consumption.

Choosing these high-quality and long-lasting products also helps you go green because they remove the need for multiple cable replacements and no waste to send to landfills. And don¡¯t forget. Zero cable replacements mean no raw materials are used. These characteristics make the laser optical video transmission system ideal for use in high-rise, high-speed elevators so go Green with [email protected] and never replace coaxial cables again!

Technical Specifications

[email protected]

Height 5.5inches (140mm)
Depth 3.9inches (100mm)
Width 3.9inches (100mm)
Weight Transmitter 0.55lb (250g)
Receiver 0.57lb (257g)

[email protected]

Height 5.6inches (143mm)
Depth 5.5inches (140mm)
Width 5.5inches (140mm)
Weight Transmitter 0.96lb (435g)
Receiver 0.96lb (435g)

For details of cost and availability contact us.