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Terry Hack at Safeguard Security Consultants is one of the United Kingdom's most respected CCTV consultants. Undertaking projects both in the UK and around the world, Terry is able to bring a level of expertise few can match. His client list reads like a 'Who's Who' of British business and commerce.

Several other organisations also appear on this web site as they are producing quality products at the cutting edge of technology.

Tavcom are respected as being at the forefront of CCTV training in the United Kingdom. A range of residential and correspondence courses are available from their pages on our site.

Having introduced quality Multiplexers to the CCTV market place over twenty years ago Dedicated Micros have now repeated their success with Digital Recording. Their Sprite Hard Disk Recorder has around 80% of the UK market. No mean achievement when there are at least a hundred companies selling competitive products.

If you require Vandal Resistant Cameras then you need go no further than Silent Witness. Their range is unsurpassed. From small Cameras that are suitable for domestic installation up to Bullet Proof Cameras, you will find them here.

Known by CCTV professionals as the UK's leading brand of CCTV equipment, Vista products are backed by Europe's largest CCTV distributor - Norbain. Vista is synonymous with CCTV products that are competitively priced, high quality and feature rich. The Vista range includes Cameras, Lenses, Number Plate Recognition Cameras and Data Systems, VCRs, Multiplexers, Quads, Digital Video Recorders, Matricies and Monitors. Installed by professional CCTV Installation Companies throughout Britain and around the world Vista products can be found in retail outlets, hospitals, leisure sites, transport facilities, banking, town centres, industry and commerce.

Mike Constant of Constant Consultants is generally regarded as one of the foremost authorities on CCTV in the UK. His book, The Principles & Practice of CCTV is the standard work on CCTV installation in Britain. We would like to thank Mike for allowing us to reproduce many of his technical information articles in our Useful Information section.

Extreme CCTV is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, supply & support of advanced, high quality, robust CCTV products. Their Product range includes "Metal Mickey" the Mic1 400 IP68 PTZ CCTV camera, Control systems/Keyboards etc. IP cameras, Static IP68 cameras, integrated IR illuminators & Thermal imagers. Metal Mickey has been seen on 'Big Brother' and many of the toughest environments where a fully functional dome Camera can be placed. It is truly the ultimate Armoured Functional Dome.

Knotty Ash Woodworking specialise in the design and manufacture of custom-built technical furniture for broadcast studios, CCTV control rooms and many other commercial environments. Incorporating over 20 years experience their services range from one-off small equipment housings to large multi desk projects. They pride themselves in being known for producing some of the highest quality furniture within our industry. The range includes Security Consoles, Review Desks, Monitor Walls, Equipment Trolleys, 19" Rack Units and Media Storage.

Other innovative products and companies will be featured on this site where, from personal experience, we have found them to be consistent with our standard of uncompromising commitment to quality and customer care.

Robyn Sones - Web Site Manager


Having worked in the industry for a number of years, Robyn has gained considerable knowledge concerning CCTV. As well as working on a consultancy basis he has been responsible for the design of a number of prestigious systems for clients as diverse as Canterbury Cathedral, BUPA and Rolls Royce. Among his clients are a number of councils, universities and hospitals as well as several national chains of holiday centres and leisure sites. It will normally be Robyn who will contact you to ascertain the areas of speciality required to meet your requirements.