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The PDF files below contain full course details.

COM 2 CCTV over IP For those wishing to add IP to their portfolio of skills, this unique blend of essential IP theory and practical exercises provides you with a ‘real world’ approach to networks and IP in the security industry. http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/pdf.jpg
COM 3 Advanced IP The majority of IP CCTV systems run over a LAN (Local Area Network). Understanding how a LAN works, how adding CCTV causes latency, and what effect this will have on the existing data is a vital part of the pre-installation phase of networked CCTV. How much bandwidth will a set of cameras need and how is this measured? How do you assess end-to-end latency and improve performance? How are CCTV images secured over a network? These and many more questions are answered in this in-depth course, involving both theory and hands-on work. http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/pdf.jpg
COM 4 Networking Masterclass This comprehensive course, including IP and IP addressing, ethernet, routers and routing, allows delegates to understand the issues involved in integrating CCTV and data networks. The course can help IT or data network managers determine suitable system design. The Masterclass has been introduced to help all those working in a technical capacity in security related fields to ‘come to grips’ with thecomplexities of networking. http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/pdf.jpg
COM 7 Structured Cabling Tavcom is introducing this course in 2009 to equip you with these increasingly important skills. Course content includes the fundamentals of structured copper and fibre optic cabling for all systems applications including cable types, installation, testing and fault finding techniques. http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/pdf.jpg
COM 8 Practical IP With the security industry moving rapidly into the networking world, this course will provide you with the necessary blend of essential ‘need to know’ theory of IP, digital video and compression and the practical experience ofinstalling networks over LANs. http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/pdf.jpg

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