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Raytec - World Leaders for Energy-Efficient LED lighting


Why Raytec

Raytec is a global leader in the development of LED lighting technology for CCTV and applications. Raytec’s high performance, low energy illuminators deliver class-leading performance using state of the art surface mount LED’s to increase security and improve the performance of any CCTV system during the hours of darkness. Raytec solutions are also now available for a wide range of general purpose lighting applications.

Raytec manufactures the unique Adaptive Illumination™ system, which allows onsite adjustment of beam patterns (up to 180degrees).

Raytec provides a full range of both Infra-Red & White Light products, which are:

POWERFUL - The most powerful range of LED's in the industry with distances of 370m+ possible.

FLEXIBLE - Adaptive Illumination™ plus control features in the PSU make RAYMAX & RAYLUX the most flexible illuminators available.

RELIABLE - Fully vandal resistant, with an exceptional life & reliability backed up by an industry leading warranty.

All Raytec illuminators deliver a low power consumption, low running costs, long product life and zero maintenance.

RAYMAX Infra-Red

Rled2.jpg Rled3.jpg

Designed for use with both black & white and Day/Night cameras, RAYMAX Infra-Red illuminators provide IR light which is invisible to the human eye but visible to the CCTV camera. Because IR is invisible to the human eye it is ideal for covert surveillance; the camera can see, but the intruder cannot.

IR illuminators are also the perfect solution in sensitive areas where light pollution needs to be avoided; areas such as residential neighbourhoods and parks. IR illumination also works over long distances, with illumination at ranges up to 370m. In conclusion, IR illumination is the perfect lighting tool for CCTV, allowing cameras to capture crisp, clear images in black & white, and optimising camera performance.

Infra Red Off
Infra Ref On

RAYLUX White-Light

Where accurate colour images are required, RAYLUX illuminators are the ideal solution, providing high quality visible white light illumination. RAYLUX’s White-Light is designed to optimise colour camera performance. It allows accurate colour image capture at night and ensures that the CCTV system works at its best 24/7.

Rled6.jpg Rled7.jpg

With its visible white light, RAYLUX can be used as a powerful deterrent; and with its quick start ability, it can be used as part of an intelligent, detector-driven security system. RAYLUX is designed for CCTV and its high quality even illumination allows the best colour image capture, without the bright or dark spots which can be a problem with other types of lighting.

White Light Off
White Light On

RAYLUX Urban multi-purpose lighting


The newly launched RAYLUX Urban White-Light range is a multi-purpose lighting solution that can be used for non security applications, bringing all the advantages of LED technology to applications beyond CCTV.

With all the benefits of Raytec’s core technology it is the ultimate cross-over product range to satisfy demands for both camera lighting and commercial lighting. More and more frequently installers provide lighting for surveillance cameras but miss the opportunity to provide general site lighting – especially when you consider that the same facility managers who specify a CCTV System are also are responsible for general lighting.

Designed to bridge the gap, the RAYLUX Urban series allows installers to deliver crystal clear, energy saving White-Light, providing zero maintenance and a pleasing aesthetic look which is perfect for commercial lighting, whilst also delivering a high power, low energy illuminator designed to improve the performance of any CCTV system during the hours of darkness.

Raytec PoE lighting solutions


Raytec’s range of High Power PoE illuminators is designed for applications where power over Ethernet is essential to save time and costs during installation.

The illuminators are fully weatherproof and can be used for both internal and external applications to provide dedicated lighting for network cameras via a PoE enabled infrastructure. Both Infra-Red and White-Light options are available.

They incorporate the very latest surface mount LED’s to deliver excellent night-time images 24/7 up to 60 metres (197ft) with exceptionally low power consumption of less than 25W. Installation is as simple as plugging in the PoE enabled network cable. With an in-built photocell plus internal ‘Command and Control™’ electronics Raytec’s High Power PoE range is truly ‘plug and play’.

Raytec’s High Power PoE series delivers low power consumption, low running costs, long life, ultra low maintenance and outstanding reliability. Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years.

For more information on any of Raytec’s specialist LED lighting solutions Contact us.