Installing an Illegal CCTV System

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CCTV is subject to the 62 legal requirements of the Data Protection Act. To read what this means for a person or organisation owning a CCTV system download and read the DPA CCTV Code of Practice.

Understanding the DPA could save your organisation £250,000 +. Imagine if my wife were to enter our local supermarket and instead of the monitor simply showing her entering the store (legal) it was showing the wine and spirits aisle (illegal). As she looks at the picture she recognises me walking down the aisle, but unfortunately I'm kissing and cuddling another woman. Were this to end in divorce my wife would almost certainly sue me for half of my pension, half of our home and 50% of the other properties we own. This would certainly come to £250,000 and maybe a good deal more. This aspect of the divorce, however, would not worry me overmuch as I know that I can sue the supermarket for every penny, as they disclosed visual data on me to my wife without my permission.

For information on the Data Protection Act and what it means in practical terms Click Here.

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