MagnaView V28 Cornermount

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Attractive Innovation - The MagnaView V28C increases application options - ideal for mounting in tight corners and elevators providing a wider field of view and increased aesthetics.

Increased Options:

  • Choose from the most popular transmission media (coaxial, UTP, fibre) integrated inside the camera
  • Choose from a wide range of black and white or color cameras including EXview HAD™
  • Optional housing cap for mid-wall installations
  • Rugged, high impact & vandal-resistant
  • Available in standard white or polished stainless steel finish

Wider View:

  • "3D" gimbal allows for maximum lens rotation and placement
  • Compatible with Silent Witness' Quick Change Lenses (2.9mm to 16.0mm) as well as vari-focal (4-8mm)


  • One power connection self configures to either 12 VDC or 24 VAC. AC line lock standard feature with all colour cameras in 24 VAC operation.


  • Main power board and camera assembly are easily installed and removed
  • Camera gimbal is interchangeable - can be used with MagnaView Square, Round and Cornermount housings
  • Enclosure can be installed and wired first - the camera assembly can then be snapped in when you’re ready to go

Smooth Installation:

  • Snap-in gimbal and camera boards
  • 3 Years Warranty

Full technical specifications available on request

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