MagnaView V28 Flush

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The V28 Flush is perfect for use in prisons and hospitals where there is the threat of personal injury. The V28F's advanced housing design has NO ligature points making hanging from or holding onto the camera itself impossible.

Installation is a breeze

  • Flush mounts to a wall or ceiling with or without a 4S deep electrical box
  • Ideal for use in prisons, hospitals, hotels, schools, commercial and public buildings

Robust, yet aesthetically pleasing design

  • NO ligature points make it impossible to hang from or grip on to the camera itself
  • Machined aluminium cover can withstand a blow from a 10 lb sledgehammer
  • Machined metal finish blends with its surroundings
  • Impact resistant clear polycarbonate dome comes with an adjustable dome insert to conceal camera components without compromising light sensitivity or picture quality
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor applications

Nothing escapes this camera's field of view

  • "3D" gimbal provides maximum lens rotation and placement
  • Quick Change Lenses provide best image quality
  • Clear polycarbonate dome is optically correct

Modular and versatile

  • Compatible with Silent Witness' Modular Camera System
  • Choose from a wide range of cameras, including EXview HAD™
  • One power connection self-configures to either 12VDC or 24 VAC. AC line-lock standard with all cameras in 24 VAC operation
  • Compatible with Silent Witness' Quick Change Lenses (2.9 - 16.0 mm) and Varifocal Auto Iris Lenses (4-8 mm or 2.6 - 5.6 mm)

Full technical specifications available on request

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