MagnaView V28 Plus

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The V28 Plus continues the MagnaView tradition of offering versatile, state-of-the-art surveillance solutions at comfortable prices.This feature-rich camera comes in a Die cast metal enclosure that can be flush or surface mounted within minutes.

Forward thinking versatility

  • Converts to flush or surface mount enclosure instantaneously, with or without a 4S deep electrical box
  • High impact dome and housing

So many choices

  • Choose from a wide range of cameras, including EXview HAD™
  • One power connection self-configures to either 12VDC or 24 VAC. AC line-lock standard with all cameras in 24 VAC operation
  • Compatible with Silent Witness' Quick Change Lenses (2.9 - 16.0 mm) and Varifocal Auto Iris Lenses (4-8 mm or2.6 - 5.6 mm)
  • Compatible with Silent Witness' Modular Camera System

Wider view

  • "3D" gimbal provides maximum lens rotation and placement
  • Quick Change Lenses provide best image quality
  • Clear polycarbonate dome is optically correct

Robust and discreet

  • Low profile design blends with its environment while being visually appealing
  • Clear polycarbonate dome comes with an adjustable dome insert to conceal camera components without compromising light sensitivity or picture quality
  • Die cast aluminium enclosure (top and bottom) can withstand blow from a 10 lb sledgehammer

Full technical specifications available on request

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