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We have a highly equipped Mobile CCTV Unit available for hire. Regularly used for festivals, outside concerts, race meetings and other events where CCTV can add to the security of the public gathering, the unit has contributed to a number of Police incidents by providing high definition images allowing them to clearly identify offenders. In one recent incident in London, the only evidence of a serious assault were images recorded by the unit. The offender was locked up for 4 months purely on the basis of what we had recorded.

We can provide CD/DVD copies of evidence swiftly after any incident and in many cases, before Police have left the scene. This allows them to make a very quick decision where persons are arrested and taken into custody, thus saving them a considerable amount of time.

The mobile is fitted with the following equipment;

  • Full digital recording using high definition cameras
  • 360 degrees of infra red lighting
  • Copying facilities for CD/DVD/Tapes
  • Independent power supply for remote use
  • PA system for public announcements
  • On board licensed radio system with personal radio facilities
  • 3kw invertor for mobile use on patrols