Paying a Premium Price for a Budget CCTV System

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CCTV installation and purchase can be problematic for many organisations. Issues include identifying reputable companies, achieving an understanding of the requirement, being able to compare offerings based on different solutions and equipment, how the system should be operated to provide effective security, ensuring that the system meets current legislative requirements and produces pictures of evidential quality.

Even if CCTV companies have been required to quote for the same system it can be difficult to determine if the lowest quotation is offering best value or using inferior equipment to gain a price advantage.

Under these circumstances it is not unusual for a company to simply opt for the least expensive solution on offer. Quite often this will fall into the 80% of systems that fail to meet police standards and the money may well be wasted. All too often the system chosen while being cheaper than the other two is still far too expensive for what is being provided and the customer ends up paying a premium rate for a system which is not fit for purpose.

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