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Scope of Responsibilities

Responsibilities commonly include risk assessment, client liaison, co-operation of police and other relevant bodies, system design, detailed technical specification and costing together with supervision of installation, and final inspection.

These risks necessitate the application of a wide range of security devices and techniques, incorporating both internal and external security measures using state of the art technology in balance to meet the demands of each individual risk. Specific advice and ongoing support to military and other government bodies.

Résumé of Assignments

Domestic premises Large and small including country homes and estates and restoration projects
High risk commercial premises Multi-national retailers
High value car importer
Blue chip companies
International auctioneers, valuers and fine art dealers
Helicopter Businesses
Departmental Stores
National Wholesale Distributors
City Financial Institutions
Commercial parks and leisure centres
Anti-terrorist and Military installation Government and Military
Design, equipment and advice for special risks in the UK and overseas
Military and Special Research Units
Ministry of Defence
Local and National Government Agencies NHS Trusts and Social Services Centres
Local Authority
Police Systems and Local Authority Signalling Systems
Museums and Exhibits
Police property
Hospitals & Health centres
Special psychiatric units
Social services units
Universities & schools
Government keypoint sites

Examples of Assignments

The following examples represent a selection of work we have successfully completed in recent years. These illustrate our competence as consultants and accurately reflect the capability, knowledge and extensive experience we can offer based on actual projects undertaken.

  • Alarm Central Monitoring - UK Retailer
  • Thermie Energy Conservation (value £1.8m)
  • Health Authorities
  • Large Industrial Concern with Remote Sites
  • US Computer Company - Consultants to UK Division
  • Prestigious Commercial Park
  • Company National Security Audit
  • University
  • Security Audit and Recovery
  • Police Property and Government Keypoint
  • External/Outdoor Environments
  • Document Storage and Retrieval Procedures

A summary of these assignements are detailed below. Please scroll down for further information.

Summary of Assignments

Alarm Central Monitoring - UK Retailer

Project management of large communications project throughout the UK. Designed to centralise intruder alarm signalling, building management systems, refrigeration monitoring systems and fire communications from PSTN (dialup lines) to packet switched network over X25. This entailed examination of 500 plus systems and modification to existing systems to meet stringent standards for connection. Risk assessment, system design, detailed specifications, contractor liaison, inspection for all elements of security selected and installed.

Thermie Energy Conservation (value £1.8m)

Project management of European initiative for extensive monitoring and control of energy conservation systems throughout the UK (300 sites). Technical specifications, control procedures, forecasting and recording formats developed to meet EU grant reporting requirements. Project made additional savings against forecast wthin the allocated timescale.

Health Authorities

We have extensive experience in the assessment of risk for hospitals, psychological units and family centres. This work is challenging due to the need to marry the needs for open access for patients, the protection of staff on a 24 hour basis and the objectives of the Authority in terms of the financial implications against budgetary limitations and Health and Safety considerations.

These projects included communications network, central control and nurse protection systems. One of these recent projects addressed an area of high risk in an inner city location. In addition, we developed employee procedures for emergency, threat, fire and safety, with training programmes designed to reflect the new and revised requirements.

Large Industrial Concern with Remote Sites

Evaluation of all UK sites. High value goods, history of losses from sites and delivery vehicles. Contractor liaison on inadequate systems, unfair commercial terms and reworking of measures by contractors at realistic and fair cost. Retained consultants for new works.

US Computer Company - Consultants to UK Division

New build and existing sites security. All facets of security adopted for varying levels of risk and environmental and usage considerations. These measures included alarms, physical, access control, perimeter protection, personal attack, lighting, fire and manned security. In addition centralised security office with CCTV monitoring and recording equipment and communications.

The design and implementation of global employee procedures for all elements of security including corporate and confidentiality factors together with all the necessary training for management and staff. This exercise also covered car parks, fire, warning signs and evacuation procedures. The transferability of skills to the senior management team provided essential knowledge to be used in future commercial negotiations and the inclusion of specific security related terms and conditions to protect company interests.

Prestigious Commercial Park

Selected from an original tender list of seventeen UK consultancies for new hi-tec science park to include landscaping, golf course, restaurant and other facilities for use by employees of multi-national companies located on the site. At the time, this park was the largest and most advanced in Europe.

National Security Audit

Audit of security personnel, working practices and operational procedures for large retailer UK wide. Regional centres and head office facilities were assessed and interviews conducted at all levels of management and shop floor staff. Examination of documentation and actual practices, historical data and application of security in key areas. This exercise was extremely sensitive in content and the openness of staff and co operation with the consultants was a crucial factor in achievement of a satisfactory and successful conclusion.


Universities pose their own particular problems, due mainly to environmental, usage, occupancy and ease of access by authorised and unauthorised persons. The reduction of regular losses and methods to combat crime were paramount. Existing measures and procedures were assessed and remedial detailed specifications, tender documents including terms and conditions of tender prepared. Contractor liaison and selection formed part of the brief.

Security Audit and Recovery

We have been instrumental in recovering situations where large scale security installations were not running according to contract with deficiencies of performance on the part of the contractor. In one case these problems entailed working in difficult circumstances during total refurbishment of large London sites for a well-known international auction company with high value goods. Subsequently retained for very high risk works for same client.

Police Property and Government Keypoint

Design of systems involving physical and electronic measures to protect key areas of risk without detracting from the operational efficiency of officers or security personnel. Incorporated personal protection and centralised signalling at a central control room.

External/Outdoor Environments

System design has included vehicle protection, personnel protection, fish farms, country estates, car parks and military applications, ambassadorial residences and other work overseas. We have also undertaken the design of specialised alarms and remote monitoring for reservoir facilities in a hostile environment.

Warehousing Procedures

Storage facilities, ease of access and identification, documentation procedures, and individual recovery systems.

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