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SafeGuard Security for unrivalled security expertise

SafeGuard Security Consultants are uniquely placed to help you meet the challenge of today's security problems with advanced security solutions.

For over twenty years SafeGuard have been helping organisations of all sizes develop effective security measures that consistently reduce and manage risk. SafeGuard have an enviable reputation as a leading security consultancy both in and outside the industry with an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise that utilises the best of today's technological advances to bring you even greater peace of mind.

There are few consultancies offering a full range of security services and even less have the capability to specify an effective security package with essential safeguards. Our technical capability and product knowledge enable us to assess effectiveness, suitability, quality and costs of recommended and specified equipment. This capability is of major importance in negotiating with contractors, keeping costs down and one of our prime objectives - achieving value for money.

Furthermore our guaranteed independence from any product or manufacturer means that the service you receive from SafeGuard will be of the highest ethical standard. Dedicated to recommending the most appropriate and effective solution for your needs our opinion is truly independent and delivered without bias or otherwise affected by commercial considerations.

SafeGuard Security Consultants can shorten timescales and reduce overheads by providing specialist guidance and support to complement in-house skills - a partnership which offers a proven route to success.

An established market leader in Security Consultancy, our impartiality and independence is universally recognised and guaranteed.

SafeGuard Security for Property, Assets and People

Our projects span all forms of structure and usage, large and small, industrial, commercial and residential, public and private, UK and international, and includes high risk institutions for the Ministry of Defence, psychiatric units, prisons and overseas ambassadorial residences. The following provides a brief introduction to our service.

A strategic approach

The most cost effective method of protecting property, assets and people is to adopt a strategic approach to security needs. SafeGuard use their experience and expertise to assess current risks and provide a formula for longer term protection and efficient management of resources through the implementation of effective systems, policies and procedures.

Working with the management team, we speedily assess the real risks and make recommendations utilising a unique reporting procedure - a positive aid to the decision making process..

Where the opportunity exists, we provide long term benefit by transferring essential skills to the management team.

Design and Specification

Each security package is individually designed to provide maximum protection against the identified risk for people and property and in every case on the principle of quality and cost effectiveness.

Independence with Impartiality

We have no affiliations and take no commissions from the industry, we recommend and specify equipment and services most suited to a particular application, free from supplier or any other bias. Our independent judgement is assured.

Quality and Standards

We have an intimate knowledge of both British and Industry Standards. The conformity to standards and quality assurance programmes is an essential element in the provision of effective and trouble-free security systems.

Terms and Conditions

Special security related terms and conditions are incorporated in your global terms and conditions to ensure that these are not biased in favour of the contractor - they often are.

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