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The superior source of security expertise

SafeGuard Security Consultants was established in 1976 by the Principal, Terry Hack, a security professional and qualified electronics engineer. The consultancy was born out of an increasing need for high calibre independent consultancy services, at that time an innovative approach to individual security problems. It now ranks as one of the foremost consultancies in the UK and operates nationally and overseas. Safeguard are uniquely placed to meet the demands of this specialised market place.

The depth of experience and knowledge gained over nearly thirty years is extensive and this capability is reflected in the value of the services we offer our many clients. SafeGuards' team covers the spectrum of security expertise and our clients may be assured that our security solutions are designed to be practical, cost effective and confidential.

Litigation and Expertise

For those seeking expert witness services in litigation cases involving security issues we offer extensive experience, over 100's of cases, and unparalleled depth of expert knowledge, making SafeGuard Security Consultants your obvious choice.

Our team have current commercial experience and therefore outstanding technical and industry knowledge coupled with a thorough understanding of the legal process, Civil Procedure Rules and evidence in Court.

Whether you are looking for pre-case advice, single expert or single joint expert (SJE) we can fulfil your needs.

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