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A Safer Way to Procure CCTV

The CCTV Advisory Service is able, free of charge, to advise your school or college on the purchase and management of your CCTV system. As a member of the Association of Security Consultants we do not sell or install CCTV but offer independent advice to our clients.

CCTV purchase can be problematic for schools. Issues include identifying reputable companies, achieving an understanding of the requirement, being able to compare offerings based on different solutions and equipment, how the system should be operated to provide effective security, ensuring that the system meets current legislative requirements and produces pictures of evidential quality.

Even if CCTV companies have been required to quote for the same system it can be difficult to determine if the lowest quotation is offering best value or using inferior equipment to gain a price advantage.


The CCTV Advisory Service offers the following service:

We will meet with a member of your leadership team, design a specification to meet your individual requirements and ensure that it meets the Home Office Recommendations for Police Evidence (80% of CCTV systems fail to achieve this). Once completed we will submit the specification complete with budget costs. When you are satisfied with the specification we will arrange for three pre-qualified installation companies to tender for the work, arranging for them to send their quotations direct to you.

As well as supplying the installation companies with the agreed specification we will also stipulate the specific equipment to be used. Installers do not have the freedom to change the specification or the equipment supplied.

When the quotations arrive the only difference will be the price.

This overcomes some of the major problems schools and colleges face.

  • Time spent finding three companies who can provide quotations and knowing if they are in the 20% of installers who meet the police requirements.
  • Time to explain your requirements and show the salesmen around your premises, not once, but three times.
  • Having to decide the type of system that is best for you, when not only is the equipment specified by each installer different, but the basic concept and system philosophy may vary widely from company to company.
  • Not knowing if the lowest quotation is offering best value or simply using inferior equipment to gain a price advantage.

To keep your new (or existing) CCTV system in optimum working order (a requirement under the Data Protection Act – which we can guide you through) The CCTV Advisory Service can also supply a unique maintenance contract that gives you the freedom to change the company maintaining your system within 45 days at no additional cost.

Other clients include numerous schools and colleges, housing associations such as Guinness Trust, Coventry University, Canterbury Cathedral, leading high street brands, major sports complex management companies, County and District Councils as well as prestigious domestic properties such as the home of Wayne Rooney.

Please contact us to find out how we can help with your CCTV project.

Also see our dedicated section on Special Needs Schools.

Please don't take our word for it - this is what our clients say:

Every detail is taken care off. The college has been provided with information on complying with the law in relation to CCTV, meetings at our convenience, demonstrations as to the quality provided by different types of camera, recommendations to ensure maximum coverage. I would highly recommend the CCTV Advisory Service, I cannot fault the service I have received. The college has saved both time and money.
Beverley Peacock, Bursar, Walmer Science College

I thought that I should contact you to thank you for the consultancy advice provided for our new CCTV system. Your expert knowledge was invaluable when assessing the needs of the school and the types of cameras available to us. Also the company recommended to us are extremely professional and completed the installation quickly and efficiently.
Geoff Jones, Bursar, The Charles Dickens School

A very thorough service, saving the school time, effort and worry whilst ensuring quality installation of quality products in an agreed timescale.
Ian Sheppard, Headteacher – Aycliffe School

The CCTV Advisory Service has provided a service to us that has always been thorough, accurate and ensures a comprehensive solution to our changing needs. By using their services we have found that misunderstanding of requirements is eliminated and quotations from suppliers are on a like for like basis. We have found that the suppliers recommended are appropriate and value for money. We would not hesitate to recommend the CCTV Advisory Service to others.
Andrew S. Adam, Bursar, Maplesden Noakes School.

Using The CCTV Advisory Service enabled the school to achieve its best value objectives without having to deal with multiple companies – a great time-saver!
The Abbey School

The CCTV Advisory Service’s expertise in this area was invaluable to those of us who are not experts.
Walmer Science College

It was a completely pain free experience, I was just required to be here to open the door, a brilliant service.
Kent Count Council Grove Children’s Centre

We were saved a lot of footwork and were supported throughout the service.
Cherrytree Nursery

The consultant has been excellent, punctual, able to explain the system and how/why/what would work.
Ann Blunt – Headteacher, St Peters C Of E Primary School

Your help was very much appreciated and helped me navigate a very difficult area in ensuring that we ended up with the right system.
Phil Goodwin – Astor College for the Arts

By using CCTV Advisory Services, I can be sure that the detailed specification provided, will meet the needs of the Centre Manager and the companies invited to quote will all be experienced in this field of security.
Mike Leppard – Kent County Council Youth Service

The CCTV Advisory Service were very good – clear advice and very helpful.
Durrington High School

Having the CCTV Advisory Service manage the project was very effective as the timescale was very limited. I hope to use the advisory service again when we have the budget to install further cameras for the school.
Steve Harmer – St. George's Voluntary Aided School