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The Liberator is the latest in a long line of very high quality video recorders designed and built by Tecton in the UK.

What does it do?

Each Liberator records 9 cameras. Every camera is recorded in real-time, and at very low compression. This means that a replay from Liberator looks exactly like the live picture. You record exactly what your camera views. This is really important if you're attempting to produce evidence.

Big system?

Because many of our customers have very big systems, with lots of cameras, we make our recorders to scale up as required. Our biggest systems have thousands of camera inputs. Our smallest have one or two.

Liberator is no different in this respect, and will happily sit on its own, or form part of a much larger system.

The technical bits

Unlike many other recorders, the Tecton Liberator is not a PC, and it doesn't contain a PC motherboard, processor or operating system. Instead, the Liberator is designed from scratch to fulfil the specific requirements of recording video. We don't use an off-the-shelf operating system, like Windows or Linux, so a Liberator is totally secure, even if attached to a network.

The Tecton Liberator uses the same recording method as the BBC iplayer, Sky HD and Blu-Ray discs to give you excellent pictures conforming to an accepted standard.

Because we want you to enjoy very high quality recordings for a long time, we give the Liberator unlimited disc capacity. If you want to record every camera, in real-time, at the highest quality for a year, you can. In fact many years if you really want, and because we let you record each camera at 10Mbps, the playback looks exactly like you were watching it live.

Faster than the rest

We designed Liberator from scratch. Part of the design brief was to make it the fastest video recorder on the market. The Liberator can download video footage at over 200Mbps. This is at least ten times faster than most other recorders, some of which can take days to download an incident.

Major Incidents

If, God forbid, something really bad happens, and you need to take a months worth of real-time recording from a liberator recorder, you simply pull the disks from the front of the machine – you don't even have to turn it off. Most machines can't do this, and most would need to be taken out and taken apart to remove a disk – hardly convenient – and worse still, your system is down whilst this is happening.

Built to Last

Every Tecton recorder is built to last. We expect you to get many years of trouble free service from your investment. That's why all Tecton recorders are designed and built to withstand the rigours of a professional environment. Some of our customers, such as London Underground, still routinely use Tecton recorders that have been in service more than 15 years.

Saving you Money

Every Tecton product is designed to operate on low power. A liberator consumes just 43 Watts! This saves you money, and allows it to run very cool, which in turn is good for reliabilty – which saves you money!