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Metronet (UK) Ltd owns and operates one of Europe’s largest Metropolitan Area Networks; with more than 40 points of presence in Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Leeds, Birmingham, and Dublin connected using a combination of an independently owned fully resilient fibre optic ring and leading edge carrier class wireless backhaul solutions. Metronet was also the first wireless IP operator in the UK to reach profitability, through organic growth based upon a sustainable business model.

Metronet has a wealth of experience in the supply of Wireless CCTV connectivity, and currently supplies wireless connectivity to support in excess of 300 camera links and audio devices (such as help points) to: -

  • Manchester City Council (MCC);
  • Trafford Council;
  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council;
  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council;
  • Greater Manchester Police (GMP);
  • West Midlands Police;
  • Salford City Council; and
  • Southways Housing

As a Strategic Partner to Greater Manchester Police, Metronet provides backhaul connectivity to GMP for CCTV cameras at major stadia and iconic sites (Old Trafford (Manchester United), Eastlands (Manchester City Football Club), Reebok (Bolton Wanderers)), the Trafford Centre and a number of Local Authorities in order to bring multi camera site visibility back into the Force’s corporate network. Metronet also installs temporary CCTV networks and wireless backhaul for special events such as public demonstrations and festivals.

Traditional Network Replacement

Before Metronet, organisations that required real time CCTV and alarm monitoring would typically buy dedicated fibre private circuits, which are very expensive to install and increasingly costly to lease. Metronet wireless CCTV private circuits provide a simple replacement service that uses an industry standard IP communications channel with a media converter at each end to ensure compatibility with legacy RS1000 compatible hardware, an immediate migration path to state-of-the-art IP Viewing Platforms.

Metronet’s quality of service is comparable with fixed line fibre private circuits. When challenged it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between picture quality and PTZ control response, which means you now have an opportunity to realise significant cost savings for existing CCTV installations and substantial reductions in cost for new installations - without compromise.

Wireless CCTV and Network Management

The benefits of choosing Metronet wireless transmission for CCTV include: -

  • tangible and ongoing cost savings over fibre circuits based upon a fixed price model;
  • delivery in a fraction of the time taken to install fibre;
  • a 99.9% up time Service Level Agreement with a four hour commitment to fix;
  • a quality of service that is comparable to a Fibre IP connection; and
  • a level of service and back up that is simply not forthcoming from BT and other legacy network operators.

Metronet believes that it is the only UK Network Operator to deliver wireless IP CCTV transmission to a contracted Service Level Agreement. This commitment is only possible as a result of Metronet’s wireless expertise combined with its significant ongoing investment in a tailor made network management system and Network Operations Centre that operates 24x7x365.

Service & Support

Metronet prides itself on exceptional customer service, a key reason behind the Company’s success. Every connection is supported by a service level agreement (SLA) that other operators can only dream about!

All customers have access to support 24/7/365. You can literally talk to a member of Metronet’s team at any time of the day or night.

No technology solution is perfect; however, where a Metronet customer experiences a problem, we do whatever it takes to resolve it within 4 hours. Owning its network from end-to-end means that Metronet doesn’t pass the buck. Furthermore, all the Company’s engineers are based locally and can be onsite to resolve an issue within minutes if required. Metronet keeps stock of all the equipment it uses and engineers are empowered and equipped to resolve any issue in the shortest possible time.

As a result, Metronet delivers against its SLA commitment, never blames a 3rd party and is therefore one of the only network operators in the UK that can truly claim to have had ZERO customer churn. That is, not a single customer has ever left us as a result of anything other than moving away from the area. Metronet also operates a fleet of three cherry pickers; an important consideration when managing street-based infrastructure.

Security of Transmission

A Metronet wireless IP connection is arguably more secure than a fibre/Cat5 equivalent connection and certainly more secure than an analogue fibre connection. A Metronet wireless IP connection is inherently secure for a number of reasons.

  1. Metronet employs proprietary frequency hopping algorithms that are vendor specific and unique to radio pairs. The algorithms (specifically designed to optimise radio performance in the face of third party interference) appear completely random to any equipment that does not officially form part of the network. Even a sophisticated radio engineer equipped with expensive spectrum analyser systems could do no more than establish that spectrum was being employed: it would not be possible to interpret data.
  2. Given the above this point is largely academic; however it is worth noting as it does offer a second significant layer of protection. Metronet transmits data using IP (Internet Protocol) with images compressed prior to transmission and decompressed at the point of delivery. During transmission, the data is represented as a digital stream of zeros and ones that is meaningless without understanding the compression/digitisation facilities being employed, which is unique to individual pairs of video encoders/decoders.
  3. Optional encryption can be added where required; however Metronet suggests that the associated expense is unnecessary in light of the above.

Please contact us for further information regarding these services.