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      <page pageid="524" ns="0" title="Recent Updates">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">'''29th August 2015'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[CCTV and London Riots]] article.

'''25th May 2013'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[CCTV Maintenance Contracts]] section.

'''12th January 2013'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Rapid Deployment CCTV]] article.

'''4th January 2013'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Take Care When You Tender]] and [[IP Cameras and Low Light]] articles.

'''8th November 2012'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Wide Area High Resolution Surveillance]] article.

'''18th May 2012'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Privacy, DPA and PATS]] article.

'''7th February 2012'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Three-dimensional (3D) design in CCTV &amp; Security]] and [[CCTV Statistics]] articles.

'''3rd August 2011'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[White Paper: Mobile Wireless CCTV]] and [[Wireless CCTV by Metronet]] articles.

'''29th June 2011'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[3 CCTV Quotes – Buyer Beware]] and [[3 Quotes - How We Can Help You]] articles.

'''12th February 2011'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Video Analytics Unit]] product information.&lt;br&gt;
Added [[How to Install Your Own CCTV System]] article.

'''27th January 2011'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[5 Fatal Mistakes When Buying CCTV]] article.

'''23rd January 2011'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[White Light Savings]] article.

'''21st October 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated various sample chapters in [[The Principles &amp; Practice of CCTV]] book section.

'''3rd September 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Infra Red and LED Lighting]] article.

'''13th August 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Video Analytics for Security Applications]] article.

'''10th August 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Why LED lighting is the best technology to use with CCTV]] article.&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Why are CCTV pictures so poor?]] article.&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Video Analysis]] article.&lt;br&gt;
Added [[The Best is Useless]] article.

'''24th June 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Replaced 'Buying CCTV' section with expanded [[Purchasing CCTV]] section.

'''25th April 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[CCTV Advertising - Buyer Beware]] article and details of the [[Data Protection Awareness Training Course]].

'''21st January 2010'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated [[Tavcom Electronic Security and CCTV Training]] schedules.

'''15th December 2009'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[A Guide to Complying with Current Legislation]] article.

'''6th May 2009'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Police Response to Remotely Monitored CCTV]] knowledge article.

'''26th March 2009'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[Getting Police to Use CCTV]] knowledge article.

'''1st November 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added [[PIR Detectors for CCTV|Luminite]] wireless PIR detector product and [[Understanding Passive Infra Red (PIR) Movement Sensors|additional useful information]].

'''11th October 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added ecovision wind and solar powered &quot;green&quot; CCTV product information.

'''29th July 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated Pan tilt and zoom domes product information.&lt;br&gt;
Added IP CCTV product and additional information.

'''5th July 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added TSS Mobile CCTV Systems product information.&lt;br&gt;
Re-instated LensCalc online lens calculator.

'''2nd July 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Viseum product information for intelligent moving cameras. (removed 08/06/2011)

'''23rd June 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added SentryScope product information for wide area facial recognition.

'''21st June 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added SmartTrack product information with Warehouse CCTV case study.

'''29th April 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated Tavcom training section with new course dates.&lt;br&gt;
Added Light &amp; CCTV article.&lt;br&gt;
Added The Way to Build a Contract article.&lt;br&gt;
Added Watch for Monitoring Fine Print article.&lt;br&gt;
Added National CCTV Database news article.

'''13th April 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added CCTV User Guide for Shopping Environments article.

'''4th April 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated Data Protection Act section in view of new policy documentation from the ICO.

'''10th January 2008'''&lt;br&gt;
Added News Items section (see left hand navigation).

'''12th December 2007'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated Data Protection Act section with new products.

'''27th October 2007'''&lt;br&gt;
Added CCTV Internet Video Servers and updated SafeGuard Security Consultants section.

'''8th June 2006'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Farsight Remote CCTV Monitoring and Twisted Pair Transmission sections.

'''27th March 2006'''&lt;br&gt;
Modified Data Protection Act section.

'''24th January 2006'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Digital Imaging Procedures article.

'''26th November 2005'''&lt;br&gt;
Added CCTV using Twisted Pair article.

'''19th November 2005'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Armoured Functional Camera (aka Metal Mickey) article.

'''24th October 2005'''&lt;br&gt;
Added CCTV Surveillance Vehicle Equipment and Useful Information sections.

'''20th April 2005'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Groundwork section.

'''25th October 2004'''&lt;br&gt;
Updated The Data Protection Act section.

'''4th October 2004'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Resolving the Problem of Focus Shift article.&lt;br&gt;
Added CCTV Control Room Console Furniture section from Knotty Ash Woodworking.

'''11th July 2004'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Installation Companies, Consultation Service and Obtaining Competing Quotations sections.

'''4th April 2004'''&lt;br&gt;
Added CCTV Leasing section.

'''14th February 2004'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Till/ATM Fraud section.&lt;br&gt;
Added Domes and Infra Red article to the Useful Information section.

'''9th November 2003'''&lt;br&gt;
Replaced Automatic Number Plate Recognition article in the Useful Information section.

'''8th November 2003'''&lt;br&gt;
Added Equipment Overview article to the Useful Information section.</rev>
      <page pageid="240" ns="0" title="SafeGuard Security Consultants - Team">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">__NOTOC__
Safeguard has developed and built its reputation on the high calibre qualifications and experience of each team member. These complementary skills provide real strength and depth of capability and provide the building blocks essential to fulfil a wide range of expert services tailored to individual needs.

=== Terence A. Hack MASC. FAE. FSyI. QDR ===

Terry Hack is the Senior Partner and founder of Safeguard Security Consultants specialising in security for property, assets and people and litigation services 

==== Qualifications and Professional Membership: ====

Mr Hack, is a qualified electronic engineer (RAF 1964), a Fellow of the Institute of Security and of the Academy of Experts and a qualified Mediator. He has acted as Vice Chairman and Special Adviser to the Joint Security Industry Council, which liaises with Government on security issues. For many years he served on the Council of the Association of Security Consultants. The Consultancy is listed by the NSI, the independent Inspectorate for security systems and by the Law Society. He was a member of the team responsible for formulating the security industry NVQ's, has written training programmes in conjunction with the Security Training Organisation, and has sat on BSI committees. He is an influential speaker at security conferences and other leading functions and has lectured, trained and written articles for leading journals on security related matters. The Consultancy has undertaken assignments for the PSA, Ministry of Defence and the Police Authority.

==== Background and Experience ====
Initially trained as an Electronic Engineer with the Royal Air Force, serving in the UK and Far East on radar and missile guidance systems. Ten years later he gained his commercial management experience with STC working in the UK and the Middle East on large-scale communications projects. 

Invited to join a private alarm company, becoming a Director, he subsequently formed a group of security companies specialising in the installation and maintenance of security systems, including specialist undertakings for hospitals, the police and military, local authorities and original design work for banks and the protestion of people. In 1983 the service companies were sold providing the freedom to concentrate full-time on independent consultancy.

Over the years, assignments have varied enormously in content from work with major security organisations to acting as adviser to leading international companies, the police, government departments, universities, hospitals, psychiatric units, retailers, fine art auctioneers, schools, car importers, overseas ambassadorial residences and others including advice on consumer affairs and to trading standards. Safeguard Consultants has undertaken large-scale, fully integrated multi-disciplined projects for complex sites and uniquely played a leading role in the development and marketing of innovative new products for specialist applications.

His in-depth knowledge of products, costs, contractual matters, documentation and quality systems and standards provides the key to negotiating cost effective solutions and protecting commercial and contractual interests. This capability is also used extensively in the provision of accomplished expert services. 

=== Jon Laws ===

==== Qualifications and Professional Membership ====
Jon Laws has a BSc Degree in Electrical &amp; Electronics Engineering, is a registered European Engineer (Eur.Ing), a Fellow of the Association of Consulting Engineers and a Chartered Engineer registered with the Engineering Council. A Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, a Council member of the Association of Security Consultants, a member of ASIS.

==== Background and Experience ====
Following the completion of a B.Sc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Kingston University he worked on the design of electrical services for new government buildings progressing to the automated industry and signalling installation and commissioning of complete systems. 

He is thoroughly experienced in providing rigorous technical specifications for both military and commercial applications and the design of in-house special-to-type test equipment for production testing of completed power supplies. 

His experience in the design of CCTV systems for motorway surveillance, and project management for security in retail and industrial environments, including covert security, with associated video transmission and data communications systems extends to include site surveys, technical supervision of complex installations, systems commissioning, training and handover requirements. His work on auditing CCTV systems is used extensively in the preparation of expert witness reports.

As CCTV consultant to the Traffic Control Systems Unit for London traffic surveillance he managed four project managers and one commissioning engineer. Duties included the preparation of Cost to Complete Information, preparation, upkeep and application of engineering standards and quality procedures. 

He is now a leading authority on CCTV matters and is a sought after and respected consultant, lecturer and trainer within the security industry.

=== Graeme Dow ===

==== Background and Experience ====
Initial involvement in security was concentrated on high end security equipment. This entailed marked research, product development, sales, marketing, commercial direction and policy matters. He was responsible for liaising with security installers. Insurers, police and inspectorates and conducting training courses for alarm installers.

He has a thorough knowledge of alarm controls and systems with hands on experience and technical knowhow. He has undertaken specific projects for Centrica (British Gas) on the preparation of a hardware specification for entry into UK security market, General Accident, Association of British Insurers (ABI) Loss Prevention Council (LPC), Logica, Hitachi and many alarm hardware manufacturers.

His technical knowledge is highly regarded and he has provided strategic advice to the National Security Inspectorate and acted as a freelance journalist for most of the specialist security journals. His capability is frequently utilised in risk analysis, surveys and loss reduction advice to commerce and industry. He has considerable knowledge of alarm receiving centres systems and procedures and associated standards and has been responsible for the drafting Codes of Conduct and advice to alarm inspectorates.

He has acted as Expert Witness for loss adjusters and insurers. Installer responsibilities and actions, reconstructions, court evidence, control and ARC alarm log analysis. He is an influential speaker at security seminars and is a fully qualified training instructor, training engineers and sales staff. 

Graeme is an experienced consultant of many years standing, who is meticulous and dedicated and enjoys his work.

== SafeGuard - Unequalled expertise from one source ==
Our team is unique in the security industry, we offer professionalism, experience and knowledge from a highly qualified team of consultants. This unequalled expertise and experience in security matters is accessible from one convenient source. SafeGuard's Consultancy Services - because you expect the best.

'''[[SafeGuard Security Consultants - Accreditation|Continue to the next page &gt;&gt;]]'''

Please [[contact us]] for more information concerning these services.</rev>