3 CCTV Quotes – Buyer Beware

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For many organisation getting 3 CCTV Quotes off the internet is a sure fire way to end up with a system that is:

  1. Not fit for purpose (according to the Home Office Operational Requirements Manual for CCTV)
  2. Illegal under the Data Protection Act

To go straight to the solution click here or read on to find out why the ‘3 Quotes’ system could end up with you wasting thousands of pounds.

3 Reasons why the 3 Quotes System often results in Illegal Systems and Pictures the Police Cannot Use

  1. The Police state that 80% of systems are not fit for purpose and therefore unlikely to be usable in a court of law. Most systems fail to comply with the Data Protection Act. Click here for more information.
  2. The companies that run the 3 Quotes websites often only have one qualification for an installer to receive leads… that they will pay the lead price. As this can vary between £20 and £50 a site sending each lead to 3 companies is guaranteed £60 - £100 every time they get an enquiry. Most 3 Quote sites are not specialists in security and are not able to vet installation companies for competence or quality.
  3. Companies receiving leads know that they are up against 2 to 4 other companies and will often try to produce the cheapest price. This inevitably results in it being a race to the bottom as far as quality is concerned. Click here for more information

Click here to find out how we enable you to get 3 Quotes, ensure they meet the requirements of the Home Office Operational Requirements Manual for CCTV and comply with the Data Protection Act.