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The PDF files below contain full course details.

AL 1 Foundation Intruder Alarms This excellent blend of classroom theory and hands-on practical training will provide you with the fundamental skills to install, commission and maintain ‘state of the art’ alarm systems. The course also explains the requirements and implications of new legislation.
AL 2 Specifying Alarm Systems A fully interactive course, designed to provide you with the skills required to carry out risk assessments and surveys in accordance with current British and European standards. The practical design and planning exercises for both individuals and groups introduce all the necessary new grading requirements.
AL 2.3 Intruder Alarm Repair and Maintenance Faulty and non-maintained intruder and hold-up alarm systems will lead to significant additional demands of police attendance which may result in that response being withdrawn. In this course we will cover the most common causes of false alarms and what can be done to identify and rectify the problems.
AL 4 Advanced Intruder Alarms Take your installation, maintenance, diagnostics and repair skills to the highest levels of expertise with this advanced study of intruder alarm systems.
AL 8 Practical Intruder Alarms Create and develop new career opportunities on this practical and interactive five day course. Tavcom’s tutors ensure that you receive just the right mix of essential theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience in our electronic workshops. The course is ideal for those who are contemplating a career change and are considering the fascinating and fast-moving intruder alarm sector of the security industry. The perfect course for MOD personnel on military resettlement programmes.
AL 9 Intruder Alarm Legislation European and British Standards, Codes of Practice, work ethics and insurance issues now form an integral part of everyday operations in the security systems industry. Learn to work safely and legally within this extensive framework of regulations.
AC 1 Foundation Access Control Offering a perfect mix of classroom studies and practical workshop activities, this popular course investigates the combination of physical elements and electronic devices that make up the modern world of accesscontrol.
AC 2.3 Access Control Repair and Maintenance The course you have requested! As the installation of ‘high tech’ access control systems dramatically increases, the need for enhanced fault finding skills and maintenance programmes has never been more apparent. Learn to

locate and rectify a wide number of faults from locks to networks in our ‘state of the art’ workshops.
AC 4 Advanced Access Control Further develop your practical and theoretical skills with our advanced access control course featuring the very latest developments in this sector – from biometrics to ID technology.
AC 8 Practical Access Control A combination of perimeter electronic devices, lighting, emergancy lighting and other external protection devices described and shown in a jargon-free style. Delegates receive the perfect blend of practical and applicational knowledge of external electronic systems.
FIR 1 Foundation Fire Alarms Fire legislation and safety laws have changed. All those who are responsible for business premises - including employers, voluntary organisations, clubs and charities must carry out fire risk assessments of their buildings. This course teaches you how to complete a full site survey and confidently recommend any necessary changes or improvements.
EP 1 Electronic Principles A fundamental, practical understanding of electronics is necessary for everyone involved in the repair, maintenance and commissioning of all electronic security systems.
MC 1 Mains Compliance Learn to work safely and efficiently by following industry guidelines and regulations. An essential training course for those working with any type of electrical apparatus in the security industry, in the wider workplace and in the domestic environment.
PAT 1 PAT Testing PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) involves in-service inspection of electrical equipment, particularly in the workplace. Course content includes the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the use of the relevant IEE Code of Practice.

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