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{{#customtitle:"Metal Mickey" Armoured Functional Domes}}

Introducing the Mic1-400®, designed and manufactured in the UK by Forward Vision CCTV Ltd. This Camera is truly unique - the Camera that dares to go where no Camera has gone before.

Probably the world's toughest fully functional Dome Camera, the Mic1-400 is machined from aluminium billet and is 6mm thick. This makes the Mic1-400 resistant to impact from stones, bricks, air gun pellets and even shot guns. Having been manufactured from AI alloy the unit is alocromed then 2 part epoxy coated for maximum protection. Shafts and fixings are stainless steel. The unit incorporates integral pan and tilt motor drive units. As an optional extra the unit can be supplied with a ballistic grade glass viewing window.

Hostile environments are not only created by crime but may also be due to environmental factors. Here also the Mic 1-400 is the Camera to consider. Available in stainless steel and being totally submersible it meets the requirements for installation in marine and other extreme environments.

These Vandal Resistant Cameras can move at 90 degrees per second and offer 360 degrees continuous rotation. Each Camera has at least 64 presets enabling automatic (32 steps) programming.

The Mic400 Dome Camera is a combined Colour/Monochrome unit. This product can be switched from High-Resolution colour to Low Light Monochrome enabling users to have the best of both; Colour during the day and Low Light Monochrome at night. With an 18:1 zoom lens the Camera can give facial and number plate recognition at up to 88.2m (without digital zoom).

The controller / handset has a joystick with variable speed control and a user friendly zoom facility.

Using the above features it would be possible to program the Camera to automatically tour an area. Should you wish to use it in a car park; first it may give an overview of the car park, then move up and down the rows of cars (the speed between presets is also programmable). Any combination of positions and moves is possible. One Metal Mickey Camera can often replace a number of static Cameras for external surveillance.

At any time the operator can take control of the system to zoom into an area which needs closer inspection. The camera can label locations on-screen to identify the sector currently being viewed.

The Dome can be programmed to blank privacy zones (as an optional extra). This is especially useful when surveillance needs to cover private or highly secure areas.

Compact - At only 340mm high, it's similar in size to a plastic dome camera.

Robust - Machined from 6mm thick aluminium, it can resist vandal attack.

Waterproof - Sealed to IP68, it can withstand complete submersion.

High quality optics - The 18X optical zoom looks through a flat window to give distortion free optics.

The camera has day/night capability.

Highly controllable - DC motor closed loop speed control gives very smooth low speed control for steady tracking at high zoom levels.

Accurate - High precision resolver technology gives very accurate, repeatable preset positioning with none of the reliability issues associated with resistor pots.

Compatible - Flexible protocol options mean the Mic1-400® can operate with many control systems.

Cost Effective - The Mic1-400® is an integrated system which includes the telemetry receiver, CCD camera, lens and motor drives.

Flexible - Optional window wiper and washer drive.

Choice of colours.

Various mounting hardware.

Stainless steel version also available.

The Forward Vision CCTV Mic1-400® is suited for many application areas.

  1. Traditional CCTV: Town Centres, Car Parks, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals.
  2. Broadcast: Channel 4's 'Big Brother' and 'The Salon' series.
  3. Rapid deployment: Police vehicles, Building site security, Perimeter security.
  4. Hazardous Environments: Nuclear, Seafronts, Harbours, Shipping.
  5. Military: Army, Navy.
  6. Prestigious developments: Museums, Visitor Centres, Science Parks, Heritage Town Centres.
  7. Hostile Environments: Problem housing estates, High crime areas.
  8. High Security: Police HQ, Embassy's, Airports.

Technical specifications:

  • Compact Size; Camera housing = 145mm dia. Overall Height = 360mm. Swept Width = 205mm. Weight = 4.5 Kg.
  • Lens: F1.4 (4.1mm-73.8mm) 0.7Lux Colour 50fps, 0.05Lux Colour 3fps, <0.01Lux B&W 3fps. 18X Optical zoom, 12X Digital zoom.
  • Housing: Water proofed to IP68, Vandal Resistant tempered glass window.
  • Manufactured from Al alloy, alocromed then 2 part epoxy coated for maximum protection. Shafts and fixings are stainless steel.
  • No site set-up required, (E.g. for camera address selection etc.) unit is supplied sealed to prevent internal condensation
  • Colours available are: Jet Black RAL9005, Signal White RAL9003, Silver Grey RAL7001
  • Temperature range: 0 to +45 degrees C without heaters.

Please use the contact form to discuss the "Metal Mickey" cameras with a consultant.