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<small>Ian Sheppard, Headteacher, Aycliffe School</small>
<small>Ian Sheppard, Headteacher, Aycliffe School</small>
'''Customer comments regarding<br>the companies we recommend:'''
'''Customer comments regarding<br>the companies we recommend:'''

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Customer comments regarding
The CCTV Advisory Service:

"The CCTV Advisory Service has provided a service to us that has always been thorough, accurate and ensures a comprehensive solution to our changing needs. By using their services we have found that misunderstanding of requirements is eliminated and quotations from suppliers are on a like for like basis. We have found that the suppliers recommended are appropriate and value for money.

We would not hesitate to recommend the CCTV Advisory Service to others."

Andrew S. Adam, Bursar, Maplesden Noakes School

"The consultant has been excellent, punctual, able to explain the system and how/why/what would work."

Ann Blunt, Headteacher, St Peters C of E Primary School

"I was very pleased to make your acquaintance and am deeply impressed with the quality of service you are offering, which I found most helpful and which I feel has saved me from making some costly mistakes."

Peter Jackson, Thekla Floating Nightclub, Bristol

"A very thorough service, saving the school time, effort and worry whilst ensuring quality installation of quality products in an agreed timescale."

Ian Sheppard, Headteacher, Aycliffe School

Customer comments regarding
the companies we recommend:

"The cameras have had an immediate impact in reducing vandalism in the school. You have provided an excellent speedy service with professional and high standards of workmanship."

Geoff Jones, Bursar, The Charles Dickens School

"Always impressed by your willingness to sort my dreams into reality. "

Mike Beer, Cambridge Water Company

"The installers took great pains to avoid any disruption to school routines and were very safety conscious around the children. Some noise was unavoidable, but there was no mess or Healthy & Safety issue to concern us."

Ian Sheppard, Headteacher, Aycliffe School

"The service from the installation team really was excellent - no hassle, no fuss. Congratulations."

Simon Taylor, Street Facilities Manager, Braintree District Council

Through The CCTV Advisory Service we are able to provide free of charge a consultation service where we will:

  • Carefully examine the issues that have prompted you to consider the purchase of CCTV
  • Explain the requirements of the Data Protection Act. There are now 62 legal obligations that most CCTV systems have to comply with. Many of these should be incorporated into any professionally produced system but there are a number of issues that you will need to be aware of prior to the design of the system.
  • Cover the Home Office Requirements for CCTV systems. If these requirements are not met the police will be unable to use images from your system in court evidence. The police have stated that at least 75% of images they take from crime scenes do not meet this criterion. Be careful! The majority of organisations that have CCTV installed find they have wasted their money when it comes to providing the police with evidence.
  • Discuss different types of equipment (recording by Hard Disk Recorder or VCR, Static or Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras, stand-alone CCTV or a system on your computer network, etc.) so that you can make an intelligent choice as to what best suits your needs.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the limitations of CCTV.
  • Conduct a complete survey of the areas you wish to protect.
  • Produce a complete specification and costs.

Please contact us if you would like us to help you design a CCTV System.

Also see our Obtaining Competing Quotations section.

Should you require specialist consultation services to not only draw up tenders but also independently assess them and evaluate the installation we suggest that you refer to Safeguard Security Consultants. (Their services would be chargeable)

Please contact us if you would like details of our Partner Companies.