Bullet Resistant Cameras (Silent Witness)

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Silent Witness MagnaView Camera Range

Small-v28r.jpg MagnaView V28 Round

The first in a series of vandal resistant cameras, the MagnaView V28R pairs functionality with advanced design.

Small-v28s.jpg MagnaView V28 Square

The strongest camera within the MagnaView series, the V28S provides a snug fit for corners making it highly vandal resistant.

Small-v28c.jpg MagnaView V28 Cornermount

The MagnaView V28C increases application options - ideal for mounting in tight corners and elevators providing a wider field of view and increased aesthetics.

Small-v28g.jpg MagnaView V28 GripLess

The V28 GripLess is the ideal surveillance solution in prisons and hospitals where there is the risk of personal injury.

Small-v28f.jpg MagnaView V28 Flush

The V28 Flush, with its machined aluminum enclosure, makes it your camera of choice in applications where visual appeal is of prime consideration.

Small-v28p.jpg MagnaView V28 Plus

The V28 Plus comes in a Die cast metal enclosure that can be flush or surface mounted within minutes.

Small-accessories.jpg MagnaView Accessories

Optional mounting accessories increase flexibility when mounting the MagnaView V28R.

Silent Witness Vandal Resistant Internal Camera

Ideal for the location where you may be concerned about people interfering with your Cameras. The impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure can be painted to match architectural requirements. The standard white finish will match most ceiling or wall finishes. V50.jpg

Silent Witness Hawk

This Advanced Surveillance Camera comes with the option of an LED and microphone making it ideal for using as part of a door entry system. It can be mounted anywhere and has a special bracket for angle adjustment. V60.jpg

Silent Witness Bullet Resistant Camera

If you really have a security problem then this must be the ultimate camera for you!

Most Silent Witness Cameras come with a variety of lenses and can be supplied for colour or monochrome systems.