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Customer comments regarding
The CCTV Advisory Service:

"I was very pleased to make your acquaintance and am deeply impressed with the quality of service you are offering, which I found most helpful and which I feel has saved me from making some costly mistakes."

Peter Jackson
Thekla Floating Nightclub, Bristol

"A very thorough service, saving the school time, effort and worry whilst ensuring quality installation of quality products in an agreed timescale."

Ian Sheppard, Headteacher
Aycliffe School

"The CCTV Advisory Service has provided a service to us that has always been thorough, accurate and ensures a comprehensive solution to our changing needs. By using their services we have found that misunderstanding of requirements is eliminated and quotations from suppliers are on a like for like basis. We have found that the suppliers recommended are appropriate and value for money.

We would not hesitate to recommend the CCTV Advisory Service to others."

Andrew S. Adam, Bursar
Maplesden Noakes School

"The consultant has been excellent, punctual, able to explain the system and how/why/what would work."

Ann Blunt, Headteacher
St Peters C of E Primary School

Customer comments regarding
the companies we recommend:

"The service from the installation team really was excellent - no hassle, no fuss. Congratulations."

Simon Taylor, Street Facilities Manager
Braintree District Council

"The cameras have had an immediate impact in reducing vandalism in the school. You have provided an excellent speedy service with professional and high standards of workmanship."

Geoff Jones, Bursar
The Charles Dickens School

"Always impressed by your willingness to sort my dreams into reality. "

Mike Beer, Cambridge Water Company

"The installers took great pains to avoid any disruption to school routines and were very safety conscious around the children. Some noise was unavoidable, but there was no mess or Healthy & Safety issue to concern us."

Ian Sheppard, Headteacher
Aycliffe School

We have a number of services for those who are looking to have a CCTV system installed.

  1. Our basic design service is for an organisation that simply requires a quotation for the design, installation and commissioning of a CCTV system.
  2. Tenders and multiple quotations. Often companies are required to go out to tender or obtain at least two quotations before purchasing a CCTV system. Our unique service takes away the difficulties of comparing competing quotations where those responsible for making the decision have little knowledge of CCTV, or of the equipment being quoted.
  3. CCTV Brokerage. We will manage your CCTV system in the same way that your insurance broker manages your insurance portfolio. This includes obtaining the best prices from competing companies when you wish to expand or improve your system as well as offering a maintenance contract where, should you ever be unhappy with the company servicing your system, you will be able to change them, without financial penalty, within 45 days.