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This is a unique service within the UK CCTV industry and covers both the procurement and maintenance of your CCTV system.

It comprises the following components:-

  1. We will supply you with a service contract arranging for one of our partner CCTV companies to fulfil either our Silver or Gold service package. Should you ever be dissatisfied with the service you receive we will replace the company, with no financial penalty to yourself, within 45 days.
    Enables you to have two service visits for preventative maintenance per year, guaranteed 24 hour callout (normally same day - includes weekends) and loan equipment to keep the system running. Emergency callouts are free unless equipment has been damaged by the owners or a third party. Parts are chargeable.
    Enables you to have two service visits for preventative maintenance per year, guaranteed 48 hour callout during normal working days and loan equipment to keep the system running. (Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays are not working days). Emergency callouts are free unless equipment has been damaged by the owners or a third party. Parts are chargeable.
  2. When you require new equipment (above an agreed minimum value threshold) we will design a specification and arrange for carefully chosen companies to submit their quotations directly to you. Having designed the specification we will submit it, along with budget costs, to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the proposed system and that it is within your budget. Once we have received your confirmation that the specification is acceptable we will produce it in a form competing CCTV Companies can tender against and send it to two or three companies. These companies will then send competitive quotations direct to you.
The advantages to you will be that:
  • All the companies will be quoting against the same specification not producing widely differing ideas.
  • You will be able to compare like for like.
  • As we will specify the exact equipment to be used you will be protected from those companies who seek to gain a price advantage by using low quality equipment.
  • You will know that the companies tendering are reputable, capable of completing a good installation and also able to give you the service and back-up you require over the coming years - remember, the sweet taste of low price is quickly forgotten in the bitterness of poor service.
  • With these issues taken care of it will be a simple matter to compare prices on their quotations.

The steps taken when designing your CCTV system will be to:

  • Carefully examine the issues that have prompted you to consider the purchase of CCTV
  • Explain the requirements of the Data Protection Act. There are now 62 legal obligations that most CCTV systems have to comply with. Many of these should be incorporated into any professionally produced system but there are a number of issues that you will need to be aware of prior to the design of the system.
  • Cover the Home Office Requirements for CCTV systems. If these requirements are not met the police will be unable to use images from your system in court evidence. The police have stated that at least 75% of images they take from crime scenes do not meet this criterion. Be careful! The majority of organisations that have CCTV installed find they have wasted their money when it comes to providing the police with evidence.
  • Discuss different types of equipment (recording by Hard Disk Recorder or VCR, Static or Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras, stand-alone CCTV or a system on your computer network, etc.) so that you can make an intelligent choice as to what best suits your needs.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the limitations of CCTV.
  • Conduct a complete survey of the areas you wish to protect.
  • Produce a complete specification and costs.

Please contact us if you would like a provisional quotation or more information concerning this service.

Client comments regarding The CCTV Advisory Service

It was a completely pain free experience, I was just required to be here to open the door, a brilliant service.
Kent County Council Grove Children's Centre

The CCTV Advisory Service made it easier to get quotes and arrange visits from reputable companies to complete a project according to our exact specifications.
The Milestone Hotel - London

A very thorough service, saving the school time, effort and worry whilst ensuring quality installation of quality products in an agreed timescale.
Ian Sheppard, Headteacher – Aycliffe School

Your help was very much appreciated and helped me navigate a very difficult area in ensuring that we ended up with the right system.
Phil Goodwin – Astor College for the Arts

The CCTV Advisory Service were helpful, useful and supportive throughout.
Spiceball Leisure Centre – Banbury