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The CCTV Advisory Service is an independent consultancy that has been established to improve the quality of CCTV design in the UK. We do not sell or install CCTV but offer, as a free service, independent advice and a visit to your premises and design a professional CCTV specification that will meet current police requirements for court evidence. If you would like us to design or upgrade your CCTV system and ensure that you obtain a competitive price by tendering the installation to three pre-qualified companies please click here.

CCTV purchase can be problematic for many organisations. Issues include identifying reputable companies, achieving an understanding of the requirement, being able to compare offerings based on different solutions and equipment, how the system should be operated to provide effective security, ensuring that the system meets current legislative requirements and produces pictures of evidential quality.

With the Police stating that they are unable to use 80% of the pictures they receive, and 90% of systems being illegal the moment they are switched on it is important that CCTV is designed correctly to ensure that the investment is not wasted.

Please find below a one page summary of the help we are able to offer those seeking to install or upgrade a CCTV system. Alternatively, for those who would like to understand more about the CCTV market and why it often fails its customers, there is a brief overview of the problems faced by those purchasing systems. Also outlined are details of how we can help you ensure that your system is fit for purpose and continues to be so over the coming years.

Click here for a one page summary

To understand more view the following sections. Analysis of CCTV Installation and Maintenance within the UK Can The Present System of Procuring CCTV be Repaired? Purchasing a CCTV System or Additional Equipment Entering a CCTV Maintenance Contract Total CCTV Management