CCTV Maintenance Contracts

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Our clients are saving up to 75% on their maintenance contracts while receiving among the best service provision in our industry. Even better, they do not have to pay us for our service in sourcing high quality, low cost maintenance. Because we tender our maintenance contracts to three companies, the quotations we receive are so low that the maintenance company will often pay our fee and still offer prices to our clients that are substantially lower than they were previously paying.

Industry insiders know that a major part of CCTV profits come from service contracts. (If you sell a CCTV company, the only thing that you will be paid for is your maintenance portfolio.) Our method of putting these contracts out to tender means that more of that profit stays in our client’s pocket while the maintenance company still receives a fair price for the work they undertake.

As an Independent CCTV Consultancy we also put added value into our maintenance contracts by including the following services without additional charge.

  • If you ever need to add to your CCTV system we will ensure that the specification meets the standard of The Home Office Operational Requirements Manual for CCTV (the standard that the police request for evidential quality video). This doesn’t cost more to achieve, it simply requires that systems are configured correctly. The police have said that 80% of CCTV systems fail to meet this standard.
  • If you are planning to upgrade your CCTV, we can conduct a full audit of your system providing a point by point analysis of where it does, or does not, comply with the 62 legal requirements of the Data Protection Act and meet the picture standards of the Home Office Operational Requirements Manual for CCTV.
  • Our CCTV help desk is available to you at no cost. Our consultancy is responsible for the UK CCTV Information Web Site which is the first call for many CCTV professionals and end users when they have questions. This is backed up by our help desk. Often someone is available at the end of a phone and, even when that is not the case, it is unusual for us not to respond within 24 hours.

Click here to obtain a tender for your CCTV Maintenance Contract. If you are in the middle of a long term contract, contact us with the details and we will contact you shortly before your current contract ends to offer a competitive alternative.

If you wish to understand the problems that many organisations face with Maintenance Contracts, click here.

If you are planning to extend or install a CCTV system and would like to ensure that it meets current legislation and police recommendations, click here.