Camera Lowering Equipment

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By means of the most recent innovations, Upshot UK Ltd are the primary supplier of a CE approved lowering device for CCTV and lighting equipment. The system allows ground level access for maintenance, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.

By excluding the need for Mobile elevated platforms or cherry pickers the Upshot Lowering Solution allows traditionally static CCTV or lighting equipment, to be brought down to ground level for repair or regular maintenance. It also allows CCTV & Lighting devices to be placed higher. This unique solution removes time delays and reduces cost allowing you to send the nearest trained resource to review and resolve issues. The Upshot Equipment Lowering Device is best described as a self service maintenance solution that lets maintenance or repair tasks be carried out at ground level, thereby removing the danger from working at height and allowing repairs and maintenance 24/7.

The system is fully bespoke as a retro fit or new build and can carry a 270kg payload and is able to lower safely in a straight line in speeds up to 70mph.

Lowering1.jpg Lowering2.jpg Lowering3.jpg