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Also see the Silent Witness range, "The world's toughest cameras".

Spectra IV SE


Pelco Domes are generally recognised as industry leaders in the speed dome arena. The Spectra IV SE is a high speed dome camera system. The modular design of the system allows configuration of enclosure and camera options to meet any aesthetic, environmental, or performance criteria.

The unique integrated optics package incorporates many advanced features that allow the system to produce high quality video in the most difficult environments. All cameras in Spectra IV SE dome drives feature LowLight™ technology allowing the cameras to compensate for scenes where minimal light is present. The 35X day/night camera features advanced 128X wide dynamic range that enables the system to compensate for scenes where dramatic contrasts in lighting are present. Electronic image stabilization digitally reduces blurring of the camera image due to vibration caused by external sources such as wind and traffic. The 23X day/night camera features built-in motion detection and 80X wide dynamic range. Two standard cameras are also available. They are offered in color or black-white, with a 22X lens and EXview HAD™ imager for increased sensitivity

Available with a 35:1 zoom lens these Cameras can detect persons at up to 718.5mt and give facial recognition at up to 143.7mt.

This Dome System features many software enhancements that increase performance and make programming and operation easy.

An internal scheduling clock allows for the scheduling of presets and patterns.

Window blanking enables a user to program up to eight, foursided, user-defined privacy areas.

Password protection prevents unauthorized users from changing the system settings. Programmable on-screen compass and tilt display provides positioning information when needed.

Intuitive multilanguage on-screen programming can be displayed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Czech.

The variable speed capabilities of this Camera range from a smooth, fast pan motion of 400 degrees per second to a smooth "creep" speed of 0.1 degree per second. The system is capable of continuous 360 degrees rotation and has an "auto flip" feature that allows the dome to rotate 180 degrees and reposition itself for uninterrupted viewing of any subject that passes directly beneath the dome.

Options include Autofocus, High Resolution Integrated Camera/Optics Packages, including a Day/Night, 540 TVL, 128X Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) with Motion Detection, and Electronic Image Stabilization (SD435 Series), as well as Day/Night, 470 TVL, 80X Wide Dynamic Range, and Motion Detection (SD4CBW Series). These products can be switched from High-Resolution Colour to Low Light Monochrome enabling users to have the best of both; Colour during the day and Low Light Monochrome at night.

Each Camera has 256 presets, enabling automatic patterns up to 8 On-Screen, User-Defined Programmable Patterns; Includes Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Preset Functions. These Cameras can move at 400°/sec pan Preset Speed and 200°/sec Tilt Preset Speed.

All Dome Systems integrate easily into all Pelco Control Systems providing a high level of control and programmability, including:

  • Window Blanking: Up to 8, Four-Sided, User Defined Shapes
  • 8 Zones (programmable in size) can be labeled with up to 20 Characters each or set to Output Blank Video
  • 7 Alarm Inputs
  • 1 Auxiliary (Form C) Relay Output and 1 Open Collector Auxiliary Output (can be alternately programmed to operate upon alarm)
  • Programmable Locations of Labels and On-Screen Displays
  • Action on Alarm: Alarms can be individually programmed for 3 priority levels, to initiate a stored pattern, or to go to an associated preset when received
  • Resume after Alarm: Allows the Dome to return to a previously programmed state after alarm acknowledgement or to its previous position before alarm
  • Multiple Park and Power-Up Action
  • Proprtional Pan/Tilt: Continually Decreases Pan/Tilt Speeds in Proportion to Depth of Zoom
  • Variable Scan Speed: Scan Speed can be programmable between 1-40°/sec
  • Auto-sensing Protocol (Coaxitron®, RS-422 P and D); Accepts competitive control protocol with optional translator card
  • Digital Position and Zoom Control and Feedback through D Protocol
  • Built-in Menu Stystem for setup of programmable functions
  • Back Box Memory
  • Passive UTP Circuit
  • For added flexibility, Pelco Fiber Models can also be attached to the door assembly for transmission over single-mode or multimode fiber
  • Internal Scheduling Clock
  • Password Protection
  • Intuitive Multilanguage on-screen programming displayed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Czech
  • Fast Pan Motion of 400°/sec to a smooth "creep" speed of 0.1°/sec
  • Auto-Flip
  • Certifications include CE Class B
  • Optional diagnostic/installation tools (IPS-RMK and IPS-Cable) allow the installer to view video, control PTZ, and perform system setup and software upgrades at the installation site

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Pelco Custom Match

Pelco is changing the look of security. Customers can customize the finish of Pelco products to perfectly match any environment or background.

The options are endless, but the process is simple. Show us a sample, scan, or high-resolution photograph of your design, and we can transfer that image onto any metal product in the Pelco family.

The custom finish will be fused to the powder coated surface using an advanced ink/dye heated transfer process.

With Pelco Custom Match, the results are permanent, durable, and unique. Camouflage, wood, granite, floral, animal print, corporate logos, or any other pattern imaginable can now be transferred directly onto a metal enclosure, mount, monitor or DVR.

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