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The CCTV Advisory Service is an independent CCTV consultancy that also provides, what is seen by many as, the UK information website for CCTV. We have over 20,000 visitors per month. A number of these visitors request information which results in our providing consultancy specifications, which are subsequently sent out to tender, or our putting them in touch with our partner installers.

The CCTV Advisory Service is, at present, considering working with additional installers in the UK.

As a consultancy we are only able to recommend, to our clients, CCTV installers with a track record of installing correctly specified equipment to a high standard and at a competitive price. It is also important that companies we work with provide a high level of customer service.

Companies we appoint to receive our tenders and leads will have registered with the NSI or SSIAB and be able to demonstrate that their specifications comply with The Home Office Operational Requirements Manual For CCTV, especially in areas of identification, recognition etc. They will be able to demonstrate this with both analogue and IP installations.

The areas where additional installers are required are London and the South-East, the South & South-West, Wales, Midlands and East Anglia, the North of England, Scotland.

If you meet the criteria above, are able to fully cover one of the specified areas and would like to become a partner company please contact us with brief details of your company. We will then be in touch and discuss the terms under which we work with partner companies.