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Leasing is a reliable and trusted method of finance. It is easy to understand, easy to manage and very flexible.

The Ideal System is Affordable with Leasing

By replacing a large capital investment with small rental payments you can immediately afford the most appropriate security system for your business, now! Why compromise on security solutions when you don't need to?

Leasing is Tax Efficient

100% of your lease rental payments can be set against your business profits reducing your tax liability - remember an outright purchase is treated as an asset and this means only a depreciating portion of it's value can be written down against tax each year.

Ease Cash Flow

You cannot afford to cut corners when investing in new security systems for your business. By leasing the system, you can reduce the pressure on your finances as it replaces a substantial cash investment with a much smaller rental payment. Instead keep your cash flowing for dependent aspects of business operations such as salaries and stock purchases.

Key Benefits of Leasing

  • No large capital investment outlay required to pay for the equipment
  • Overhead cost of installation is included with the rental payment
  • Fixed cost covering all security purchase of equipment, installation and commissioning
  • Existing credit facilities are kept intact for other purchases
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible, reducing your tax liability each year
  • As the business grows, or your needs change, equipment can be added to the system on lease. There are several options available including 'upgrade' where the outstanding rentals are taken into a fresh lease agreement along with all the costs for the new equipment. We can discuss the best options for you at any time during the lifetime of the lease.

How Leasing Works

  • A lease agreement is between the user of the system and the finance company (the owner), not the supplier or installer of the equipment
  • The user is approved for finance before the installation begins. The agreement is signed beforehand, with an Acceptance Certificate signed when the work has been completed to the user's satisfaction
  • The user is committed to pay a set number of rentals to the owner over a specified period. The rental charge is fixed throughout the lease contract term and it can be ended early if required by paying all the outstanding rentals to the owner

Chelsea Vale is the UK's leading leasing company dedicated to the security industry. It leases CCTV, Intruder and Fire Alarms, Access Control, Gates/Barriers and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS Tagging) etc.

For a quotation please contact us.