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The PDF files below contain full course details.

SEC 1 Managing Security Security managers in today’s society must be constantly aware of the many serious security issues that have a daily impact upon property and people in their workplace. Whether your organisation is international or national, on a large or modest scale, industrial, commercial, retail or government based … if the safety and security of your premises and personnel is your responsibility this course is perfect for you.
SEC 2 Project Management A variety of special skills are necessary to successfully plan, manage and deliver security system installations and other complex technical projects. Learn how to organise scarce resources, manage your budget, work within strict deadlines, control unexpected changes and generate maximum team performance by effective leadership.
SEC 3 Managing Technology All companies need a return on investment! This course allows you to ensure that you get value for money when acquiring new technology to protect your premises and staff. Gain a realistic understanding of the cost of ownership of security systems including purchase, installation and maintenance costs.
SEC 4 Managing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Natural or man-made disaster may strike your workplace at any time. Ensuring that your business can function following a major incident is vital. This action packed course provides you with the knowledge andskills to formulate plans of action and to execute them when and where necessary.
CE 1 Electronic Countermeasures Encounter some surprising facts and learn to take active measures to limit the real and serious threat you face from hidden eavesdropping devices. Explore the best techniques for detecting hidden bugs, not only with modern electronic detection devices but also by simple and traditional physical and visual methods.

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