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The CCTV Advisory Service offers the following free service

A qualified Independent CCTV Consultant will meet with a member of your management team, design a specification to meet your individual requirements and ensure that it meets the Home Office Recommendations for Police Evidence (80% of CCTV systems fail to achieve this). Once completed we will submit the specification complete with budget costs. When you are satisfied with the specification we will arrange for three pre-qualified installation companies to tender for the work, arranging for them to send their quotations direct to you.

As well as supplying the installation companies with the agreed specification we will also stipulate the specific equipment to be used and installers do not have the freedom to change the specification or the equipment supplied. This prevents companies gaining a commercial advantage by installing inferior equipment.

When the quotations arrive the only difference will be the price.

To keep your new (or existing) CCTV system in optimum working order (a requirement under the Data Protection Act – which we can guide you through) The CCTV Advisory Service can also supply a unique maintenance contract that gives you the freedom to change the company maintaining your system within 45 days at no additional cost.

Our clients include Housing Associations such as Guinness Trust, Coventry University, Canterbury Cathedral, Mercedes Benz UK, Nando’s, AMF Bowling, major sports complex management companies, County and District Councils, numerous colleges, and schools as well as and Althorp House and prestigious domestic properties.

If you would like us to design or upgrade your CCTV system and ensure that you obtain a competitive price by tendering the installation to three pre qualified companies please click here.

Client comments regarding The CCTV Advisory Service

We would not, in our wildest dreams, have progressed the CCTV installation so smoothly without the help of the CCTV Advisory Service.
Neil Bewsey – Tower Homes

The CCTV Advisory Service were invaluable in guiding Artwise through a wealth of information that meant little to us and enabled us to meet our needs.
Erin Bell – Artwise Youth Centre (Kent County Council)

Thank you for your help and professional advice with the installation here at Lyme Regis Harbour. I am pleased to inform you that it has been most useful both as a deterrent and in being involved in the successful prosecution of two separate incidents.
Mike Poupard – Harbourmaster

Client comments regarding the companies we recommend:

Despite our unique environment (an explosives range), the installation company adapted well to the challenge.

The Installation Engineer was excellent.
West Wickham Pools

We were very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of the installation company.
Alison Fletcher, Eastern & Coastal Kent NHS Primary Care Trust