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The following section examines the traditional methods of purchasing and maintaining CCTV systems with special regard to the associated problems. It also outlines how Total CCTV Management can provide enhanced client benefits while reducing costs.


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The Standard approach

  • Obtain three quotations from competing companies.
  • Use the existing company. (This is frequently a requirement where a maintenance contract is in operation.)

Common Problems

  1. The Association of Chief Police Officers has stated that 80% of images coming from CCTV systems do not meet the Home Office Operational Requirement and are not fit the purpose. Organisations frequently spend many thousands of pounds on CCTV systems only to discover that the police cannot use the pictures produced in evidence. This is not just about the quality of the picture as certain parameters must be achieved for images to be of evidential value.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    TCM provides an independent, professional CCTV Design Consultant to produce the specification and ensure that it complies with the observation levels in The Home Office Operational Requirements Manual while also advising on the sixty-two legal requirements of the Data Protection Act.

    Advantage to Client
    Clients can be confident that the pictures produced by their system will meet the requirements of the police and courts.

  2. When installation companies are competing they will often specify inferior equipment. Their aim is to offer you the lowest priced system - which is rarely the best value and often results in a race to the bottom in terms of quality. Unfortunately the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    As our responsibility is solely to the client our goal is to ensure that the equipment specified is not only fit for purpose but offers best value.

    Advantage to Client
    The equipment quoted will be both suitable for the application and provide value for money.

  3. Installation companies will provide widely varying quotations based on different specifications and equipment. Unless the customer has someone with considerable expertise in CCTV design and the security marketplace it is impossible to know who is offering best value.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    When sending out tenders we also specify the exact equipment to be used (including make and model number) to ensure that no one obtains a commercial advantage by supplying inferior equipment.

    Advantage to Client
    When the client receives three tenders they will all be quoting for the same specification and identical equipment. The only substantive difference will be the price.

  4. Where a company is only quoted by their existing installer there is no incentive for them to offer competitive prices. In such a situation organisations can, over time, pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds more than is necessary.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    For any equipment estimated to cost above £1000 we will tender the specification to three carefully chosen installation companies. (We regularly monitor the performance of the installation companies we work with to ensure that they consistently meet the standards we demand and are competitive on price.) As we manage the installation and the ongoing maintenance, we are able to tender additional equipment even where there is an existing maintenance company under contract.

    Advantage to Client
    The client can always be confident that they are receiving value for money.

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If you would like us to design or upgrade your CCTV system and ensure that you obtain a competitive price by tendering the installation to three pre qualified companies please click here.

Client comments regarding The CCTV Advisory Service

I was very pleased to make your acquaintance and am deeply impressed with the quality of service you are offering, which I found most helpful and which I feel has saved me from making some costly mistakes.
Peter Jackson, Thekla Floating Nightclub, Bristol

The CCTV Advisory Service has provided a service to us that has always been thorough, accurate and ensures a comprehensive solution to our changing needs. By using their services we have found that misunderstanding of requirements is eliminated and quotations from suppliers are on a like for like basis. We have found that the suppliers recommended are appropriate and value for money. We would not hesitate to recommend the CCTV Advisory Service to others.
Andrew S. Adam, Bursar, Maplesden Noakes School

We found the whole process very easy, right from the start we where given good advice and all the support that we needed. We did make a lot of changes to the specification last minute and the consultant was very helpful and accommodating.
Karen Gaywood – West Wickham Pools

Using The CCTV Advisory Service enabled the school to achieve its best value objectives without having to deal with multiple companies – a great time-saver!
The Abbey School

Client comments regarding the companies we recommend:

The cameras have had an immediate impact in reducing vandalism in the school. You have provided an excellent speedy service with professional and high standards of workmanship.
Geoff Jones, Bursar, The Charles Dickens School

Always impressed by your willingness to sort my dreams into reality.
Mike Beer, Cambridge Water Company

The installers took great pains to avoid any disruption to school routines and were very safety conscious around the children. Some noise was unavoidable, but there was no mess or Healthy & Safety issue to concern us.
Ian Sheppard, Headteacher, Aycliffe School

The service from the installation team really was excellent - no hassle, no fuss. Congratulations.
Simon Taylor, Street Facilities Manager, Braintree District Council