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1st November 2008 Added Luminite wireless PIR detector product and encyclopedia information.

11th October 2008 Added ecovision wind and solar powered CCTV product information.

29th July 2008 Updated Pan tilt and zoom domes product information. Added IP CCTV product and encyclopedia information.

5th July 2008 Added TSS Mobile CCTV Systems product information. Re-instated LensCalc online lens calculator.

2nd July 2008 Added Viseum product information for intelligent moving cameras.

23rd June 2008 Added SentryScope product information for wide area facial recognition.

21st June 2008 Added SmartTrack product information with Warehouse CCTV case study.

29th April 2007 Updated Tavcom training section with new course dates. Added Light & CCTV article. Added The Way to Build a Contract article. Added Watch for Monitoring Fine Print article. Added National CCTV Database news article.

13th April 2008 Added CCTV User Guide for Shopping Environments article.

4th April 2007 Updated Data Protection Act section in view of new policy documentation from the ICO.

10th January 2008 Added News Items section (see left hand navigation).

12th December 2007 Updated Data Protection Act section with new products.

27th October 2007 Added CCTV Internet Video Servers and updated SafeGuard Security Consultants section.

8th June 2006 Added Farsight Remote CCTV Monitoring and Twisted Pair Transmission sections.

27th March 2006 Modified Data Protection Act section.

24th January 2006 Added Digital Imaging Procedures encyclopaedia article.

26th November 2005 Added CCTV using Twisted Pair encyclopaedia article.

19th November 2005 Added Armoured Functional Camera (aka Metal Mickey) article.

24th October 2005 Added CCTV Surveillance Vehicle Equipment and Encyclopaedia sections.

20th April 2005 Added Groundwork section.

25th October 2004 Updated The Data Protection Act section.

4th October 2004 Added Resolving the Problem of Focus Shift encyclopaedia article. Added CCTV Control Room Console Furniture section from Knotty Ash Woodworking.

11th July 2004 Added Installation Companies, Consultation Service and Obtaining Competing Quotations sections.

4th Apr 2004 Added CCTV Leasing section.

14th Feb 2004 Added Till/ATM Fraud section. Added Domes and Infra Red article to the Encyclopaedia section.

9th Nov 2003 Replaced Automatic Number Plate Recognition article in the Encyclopaedia section.

8th Nov 2003 Added Equipment Overview article to the Encyclopaedia section.