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Services Available

We are able to offer a one-stop solution for organisations wishing to install security. Through our installation partner companies our expertise includes CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarm Systems and Fire Prevention and Detection.

With security becoming an increasingly complex issue we are able to offer you our experience in carrying out detailed surveys, as well as producing reports, specifications, and proposals. This is a free service (for companies wishing to have their system designed and installed by a professional company) without cost or obligation as we consider it part of our work in raising the level of understanding and awareness among potential customers. Knowing, that in many instances, the work will then go out to tender based on the above supplied information, we simply ask that the company supplying the information is included on the tender list.

See the Design Services section.

Designing for Competitive Tender

We are careful to design systems which are open enough for any competent CCTV, Intruder Alarm or Access Control Company to be able to tender for, but sufficiently specific to make sure that competing companies cannot gain an unfair advantage by quoting inferior equipment.

We find project planners / managers appreciate being able to save on two or three companies having to receive plans, visit premises, work on site, and finally three accounts to be paid and maintained.

It should, however, be mentioned that we are quite happy to advise on one speciality where others are already covered. We find that this is often the case with CCTV.

See the Obtaining Competing Quotations section.

Independent Consultation Services

Should you require specialist consultation services to audit your system, draw up tenders or independently assess them please Contact us.