Standard approaches to obtaining a Maintenance Contract ... and the problems that result

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  • Use the company that installed the system.
  • Seek to find a cheaper company.
  • Place your contract with a Facilities Management Company which also maintains your other systems.

Common Problems

  1. It is extremely difficult for organisations to know whether they are paying a fair price and obtaining value for money.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    We have been able to reduce maintenance charges by up to 75% by putting our client’s maintenance contracts out to tender. We only send these tenders to companies with whom we have an ongoing business relationship and vet on a regular basis. As we place thousands of pounds worth of maintenance with installation companies each month we are often able to obtain prices for our clients which are much lower than if they went to these companies themselves.

    Advantage to Client
    The client can be confident that their maintenance costs are reasonable and competitive.

  2. The customer is unhappy with an aspect of the maintenance but their only contact is with a call centre where staff may not appreciate the problem or have the authority to arrange a speedy solution. In a worst case scenario, the customer seems to be passed from department to department without the situation being resolved.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    Due to our relationship with the installation companies and the amount of business we place, our contact is normally at Director or Managing Director level. Whilst it is rare for a client to need our intervention, when we do become involved, it is taken extremely seriously and problems are normally expedited quickly.

    Advantage to Client
    Our clients are never left on the call centre merry-go-round as we are able to escalate any problems to the highest level within the installation company.

  3. It is surprising how many organisations persevere with installation companies which fail to achieve the highest levels of maintenance and customer service.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    Our research indicates that 80% of CCTV Installation/Maintenance companies fall below a competent, professional level. To counter this, we have carefully hand-picked just 12 installation companies who undertake the maintenance of our clients’ systems. We have purposely kept the number as small as possible to enable us to continuously monitor their performance. On the rare occasions where a company has not consistently met our high standards or implemented necessary improvements we have ceased to work with them and transferred our clients to a high-performing replacement.

    Advantage to Client
    Our clients receive some of the best maintenance and customer service within the industry. We believe that 'excellence' should not be a buzzword used by advertising executives but an ethos that runs through every aspect of our business.

  4. Long-term maintenance contracts. Where customers are tied in to a three or five-year maintenance contract there is little need for a maintenance company to invest in the high level of customer service necessary to maintain its customer base.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    If any client, on our standard price rate, is unhappy with the level of maintenance or customer service they are receiving they can immediately call upon The CCTV Advisory Service who will seek to resolve the situation on their behalf. Alternatively they can request a change of company which will take place within 45 days. This drives a high level of performance within the maintenance companies we use as they have no long term contract with any client.

    Advantage to Client
    There is always a third party available to expedite any problems that may arise with the maintenance company or the freedom to change the maintenance supplier at any time.

  5. Using a Facilities Management Company. The same company which maintains your other facilities also looks after your security including CCTV. FM companies will normally reduce your costs by reducing the level of service or finding someone who is cheaper (though not necessarily offering better value). Such companies rarely understand the Home Office Operational Requirements Manual for CCTV, being the standard generally requested by the police. As a result systems are often set up incorrectly and the money invested in the system will be wasted if evidential quality is not available when required.

    Total CCTV Management Solution
    We only place maintenance contracts with CCTV companies whom we regularly vet and have built a lasting business relationship with.

    Advantage to Client
    The knowledge that the maintenance being carried out on their system is of the highest quality and will not lead to video evidence being inadmissible due to Cameras and DVRs being set up incorrectly.

Contact us for more details if this is the type of Maintenance Contract you would like.

If you are in the middle of a long term contract, contact us with the details and we will contact you shortly before your current contract ends to offer a competitive alternative.

Click here if you are planning to extend or install a CCTV system and would like to ensure that it meets current legislation and police recommendations.

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