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== Courses ==
== Courses ==
{| class="wikitable"
| Foundation Access Control   
| Foundation Access Control   
| [http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/AC1%20Foundation%20Access%20Control.pdf AC1]
| [http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/t/AC1%20Foundation%20Access%20Control.pdf AC1]

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Tavcom Training is the leading company supplying electronic security training in the UK. They have a full range of courses offering the best in:

  • CCTV Training
  • Intruder Alarm Training
  • Access Control Training

Tavcom trainers provide expert tuition to installers, managers and operators across the whole range of electronic security systems.

For those seeking a professional qualification Tavcom have a unique range of BTEC certificated courses enabling course members to receive the finest training in the UK and a professional qualification with accreditation that will be recognised and respected throughout the world.


Foundation Access Control AC1
Advanced Access Control AC4
Combined Practical Access Control AC8
Practical Access Control AC8part1
Practical Access Control AC8part2
Foundation Intruder Alarms AL1
Specifying Alarm Systems AL2
Intruder Alarms Repair & Maintenance AL2.3
Advanced Intruder Alarms AL4
Combined Practical Intruder Alarms AL8
Practical Intruder Alarms AL8part1
Practical Intruder Alarms AL8part2
Intruder Alarm Legislation AL9
Foundation CCTV CCTV1
CCTV Install Repair & Maintenance CCTV2.3
Practical Fibre CCTV2.5
Wireless Transmission CCTV2.6
Professional Design & Managment of CCTV CCTV4
Practical CCTV CCTV8 CCTV8 Part 1 CCTV8 Part 2
CCTV Legislation CCTV9
Electronic Countermeasures CE1
CCTV over IP COM2ip
Designing Networks for Security COM4ip
Cyber & IT Security COM6 COM6part1 COM6part2
Security Systems Structured Cabling COM7ip
Practical IP COM8 COM8PART1 COM8part2
Managing Cyber Crime COM9ip
Covert CCTV COV1
Managing CCTV Control Rooms CRO3
Advanced Control Room Skills CRO4
Gathering Video Evidence CRO5
CCTV Control Room Refresher CRO7
CCTV System Planning CS1
Certificate of Electrical Installations EL1
Safe Isolation & Environmental Tech Systems EL2-EL3
Electronic Principles & PAT Testing EP1-PAT1
Foundation Fire Alarms FIR1
Practical Fire Alarms FIR8 FIR8part1 FIR8part2
Fire Alarm Legislation FIR9
Combined Mains Compliance MC1

Courses include CCTV Foundation, CCTV Installation and CCTV Masterclass. Other areas include specialist courses for those seeking to gain the necessary skills to install IPCCTV or managing or working in a CCTV Control Room. For those who wish to work safely with all types of electrical apparatus there is the Tavcom Mains Compliance course.

Please contact us for further details or to reserve a place.