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Tavcom Training is the leading company supplying electronic security training in the UK. They have a full range of courses offering the best in:

  • CCTV Training
  • Intruder Alarm Training
  • Access Control Training

Tavcom trainers provide expert tuition to installers, managers and operators across the whole range of electronic security systems.

For those seeking a professional qualification Tavcom have a unique range of BTEC certificated courses enabling course members to receive the finest training in the UK and a professional qualification with accreditation that will be recognised and respected throughout the world.


Course title Information Download
Foundation Access Control Offering a perfect mix of classroom studies and practical workshop activities, this popular course investigates the combination of physical elements and electronic devices that make up the modern world of access control. AC1
Advanced Access Control Technological development and integration combined with sophisticated software have allowed access control systems to be extended embracing many other security techniques. This training course develops the delegates knowledge by delving into emerging product innovations including biometrics, TCP/IP, RFID and smart card solutions, all of which are likely to be used in new security systems or to enhance those already in existence. AC4
Combined Practical Access Control Requiring no prior knowledge, this popular course offers a perfect mix of classroom study and ‘hands on’ practical workshop activities, giving you insight into access control from the installers perspective. Covering site surveying and system design, the course will provide you with the fundamentals skills to design, install, operate, repair, maintain and commission fully networked access control systems that are ready to meet the challenges of the modern world. AC8
Foundation Intruder Alarms This Intruder Alarms Installation Course is an excellent blend of classroom theory and hands‑on practical training which will provide you with the key skills necessary to install, commission and maintain ‘state of the art’ intruder alarm systems within the requirements of the British and European standards. AL1
Specifying Alarm Systems A fully interactive course, designed to provide you with the skills required to carry out risk assessments and surveys in accordance with current British and European standards. The practical design and planning exercises for both individuals and groups introduce all the necessary new grading requirements. AL2
Intruder Alarms Repair & Maintenance Faulty and non-maintained intruder and hold-up alarm systems can lead to unnecessary police attendance, which may ultimately result in police response being withdrawn. In this training course we will cover the most common causes of false alarms and what can be done to identify and rectify the problems. AL2.3
Advanced Intruder Alarms This advanced course takes the study of intruder alarm wiring, installation, commissioning, maintenance, diagnostics and repair to higher levels of expertise. AL4
Combined Practical Intruder Alarms Are you entering the industry for the first time or just looking to ‘brush up’ your existing skills? Over 5 fascinating days, Tavcom’s expert tutors will equip you with the skills needed to work in this vibrant and rapidly growing sector of the security industry. AL8
Intruder Alarm Legislation European and British standards, codes of practice, work ethics and insurance issues now form an integral part of everyday operations in the security systems industry. Learn to work safely and compliantly within this extensive framework of regulations. AL9
Foundation CCTV The CCTV industry is a world of endless change and rapid evolution. To keep pace with these developments, our flagship Foundation CCTV course is constantly updated and this year, as always, it remains right at the ‘cutting edge’. It’s content is a perfect introduction for those who are entering the industry for the first time and is an ideal refresher for experienced professionals who need to move forward from older more traditional technologies. CCTV1
CCTV Install Repair & Maintenance With over four million CCTV cameras installed in the United Kingdom alone, the vital skills of system repair and maintenance technicians have never been in greater demand. This CCTV training course is also invaluable to technically minded end users who wish to ensure that their own CCTV systems are operating with optimum accuracy and efficiency. CCTV2.3
Practical Fibre This two day practical course will meet the demands of those who want to understand more about the design, planning and installation of fibre optic transmission solutions. CCTV2.5
Wireless Transmission The latest innovations in wireless technologies have encouraged increasing numbers of local government agencies, police, military and commercial organisations to use wireless transmission to convey CCTV images. CCTV2.6
Professional Design & Managment of CCTV Covering the A to Z of CCTV from an enhanced technical perspective, this programme has been devised to develop the skills of practitioners in design, consultancy and commissioning. It will dig deep into your existing reserves of knowledge which will lead you to the pinnacle of CCTV expertise. CCTV4
Practical CCTV The complete CCTV installation course, offering a superb blend of ‘need to know’ classroom theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience. Over 5 days we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively in the electronic security and video surveillance sector. CCTV8
CCTV Legislation This course will keep you informed of all the latest developments in CCTV legislation. From data protection and evidence criteria to freedom of information and human right legislation, every vital issue of the day will be addressed. CCTV9
Electronic Countermeasures In the increasingly competitive culture of the modern business world many organisations resort to sophisticated eavesdropping techniques to uncover their rivals’ new products, financial positions and other corporate secrets. CE1
CCTV over IP This course provides an understanding of the fundamentals required in deploying an IP CCTV security system. The course will offer a blend of essential theory with “hands on” practical sessions, which will give the necessary skills to successfully install, configure and test an IP CCTV system. COM2ip
Designing Networks for Security This comprehensive training course, including IP and IP addressing, Ethernet, routers and routing, enables delegates to understand the issues involved in integrating CCTV and data networks. This Designing Networks for Security course will help all those working in a technical capacity in security related fields to ‘come to grips’ with the complexities of networking. COM4ip
Cyber & IT Security Cyber and IT Security is emerging as one of the most important elements in IT planning and implementation. The risk of viruses, unauthorised data access, uncontrolled emailed correspondence, data manipulation and misuse of access to the internet can seriously affect an organisation’s reputation and potentially it’s financial stability. COM6
Security Systems Structured Cabling Structured cabling systems are internal multi‑building cable networks that integrate a variety of communications services, including voice and data. Increasingly these are being utilised to install and operate basic and advanced CCTV systems, so knowledge of structured cabling is now essential. COM7ip
Practical IP Traditionally, IP has been used extensively to transmit data. Now, due to a host of driving forces, IP is seen as the answer to the transmission of not only of data but also voice and video – in today’s world and for the foreseeable future. COM8
Managing Cyber Crime Do you manage or control Security, Facilities, Operations, Estates or CCTV Systems? Are you fully aware of the impact that cyberspace is already having on your existing systems and all aspects of your business and domestic life? Drawing on expert support from Advent IM, Tavcom offers a fascinating introduction to the world of cyber and its impact on all aspects of the physical world and looks at ways in which security of existing physical systems can be hardened by robust cyber security measures and processes. COM9ip
Covert CCTV This fascinating course with its strong practical bias will take your CCTV skills to a new level. You will acquire the confidence to design and install covert hides whilst keeping within the current legal framework. COV1
Managing CCTV Control Rooms The skills you will learn whilst taking this prestigious control room training course will give you the high level of expertise to perform as an accomplished control room manager. You will be able to operate and maximise the performance of your control room, equipment and staff. You will also gain the ability to implement new control room procedures or update and improve existing operations and practices. CRO3
Advanced Control Room Skills CCTV control rooms are now a vital tool in the protection of our modern communities. Crime prevention, traffic management, key holding services, first aid response and major incident command control are just some of the skills demanded of today’s control room operator. CRO4
Gathering Video Evidence This course has been developed with the police, Home Office and transport companies to provide the necessary understanding of how digital footage can be effectively exported and used within our legal system. A classic combination of ‘need to know’ classroom theory supported by practical sessions in the workshops. CRO5
CCTV Control Room Refresher An essential course for all individuals who have already completed the SIA training and who want to keep up to date with the ever changing issues affecting Public Space Surveillance and Privacy. CRO7
CCTV System Planning Whether you are planning to recommend an analogue, IP or hybrid based CCTV system, this course offers an excellent balance of theory and real world practical exercises to enable you to offer solutions to your clients that are functional, practical and achievable. CS1
Certificate of Electrical Installations BS 7671: 2008 amendment 1:2011 of wiring regulations requires that all electrical work is inspected tested and certificated. It is a requirement of building regulations part P that domestic electrical work is certificated. This course provides you with the knowledge and understanding to ensure that all these requirements are met. EL1
Safe Isolation & Environmental Tech Systems All persons who carry out work on electrical equipment will at some point need to carry out safe isolation. Environmental technologies are the future, so it is important to understand what is available and where it is most profitable. EL2-EL3
Electronic Principles & PAT Testing The world of electronics is now so pervasive, that it’s almost easier to think of things that don’t use electronics than of things that do. This course offers a fundamental, practical understanding of electronics and is vital for everyone involved in the installation, repair, maintenance and commissioning of all electronic security systems. EP1-PAT1
Foundation Fire Alarms This three day course combines theory and practical exercises and is suited to individuals or security companies requiring an understanding and fundamental skills to recommend, upgrade or fully install fire alarm equipment. FIR1
Practical Fire Alarms The course provides an excellent balance between theory and practical work, covering conventional and analogue addressable fire alarm systems:- design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and integration with third party systems such as access control and building management systems. FIR8
Fire Alarm Legislation This one day course is ideally suited to any responsible person in charge of a building – including landlords and letting agents – and all members of the security systems industry who wish to have a better understanding and working knowledge of current legislation. FIR9
Combined Mains Compliance An essential course for all those who work on or near a live electrical supply and need to ensure that they are a ‘competent person’ under the terms of the ‘electricity at work’ regulations. MC1

Courses include CCTV Foundation, CCTV Installation and CCTV Masterclass. Other areas include specialist courses for those seeking to gain the necessary skills to install IPCCTV or managing or working in a CCTV Control Room. For those who wish to work safely with all types of electrical apparatus there is the Tavcom Mains Compliance course.

Please contact us for further details or to reserve a place.