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The following is designed to give an outline of the level of service which clients of 'Total CCTV Management' can expect along with the associated costs.

As we fervently believe in the need for CCTV systems to be designed to a high standard and comply with legislation we seek to provide a service without charge to our clients wherever possible.


  • There will be no charge for small to medium size companies for these services (Small to medium organisations include schools, leisure centres, retail outlets that are not part of a national chain, licensed premises, places of worship, most factories and offices and systems of a comparative size to those mentioned). For large organisations or those operating sizeable CCTV systems the annual charge for our consultancy services is £250. This is a retainer and covers the cost of informing you of our service, setting up and administering the consultancy including the provision of telephone/e-mail support.
  • Where organisations do not require the full 'Total CCTV Management' package but simply need a professional consultant to design a new system, update an old system or design a specification for new equipment to be added, no charge will be made.
  • As town centre systems and those of a similar size and complexity are not considered suitable candidates we regret we may be unable to offer 'Total CCTV Management' in such cases. However we welcome the opportunity to discuss each situation on an individual basis

Level of service

  1. The CCTV Advisory Service will allocate an Independent CCTV Consultant to the account and work with the client concerning the provision and maintenance of CCTV. The purpose of the consultancy is to maximise the effectiveness of the system and ensure that the client receives maximum benefit from their investment.
  2. A telephone number and e-mail address for the consultant will be supplied to the client in order that they have a point of contact to answer any questions concerning their CCTV system.
  3. When a client requires a new system, additional equipment added or a system upgrade the consultant will specify the system, provide budget costs and, where the estimated value of the work is expected to be above £1,000, tender the project to at least three companies.
  4. The CCTV Advisory Service will provide a maintenance contract arranging for a reliable and professional installer to provide the day-to-day maintenance and six monthly service visits (this will incur a separate maintenance charge and documentation concerning this will be provided to the client prior to 'Total CCTV Management' being instigated. The contract will be monitored by the consultant who will be available to aid in the resolution of any problems by, liaising with the maintenance company at senior management level. At the client's request the maintenance company can be replaced within 45 days upon notifying the consultant.
  5. Should the client wish to ensure that their system is fully compliant with the Home Office CCTV Operational Requirements the consultant will conduct an audit of their system, produce a report and arrange a tender for any remedial work that is required.
  6. The consultant is available to advise on The Data Protection Act and provide information that will enable the client to accurately evaluate any areas of non-compliance. (We are not able to offer, within this package, a full DPA audit but can, if it is required, arrange this through the U.K.'s leading provider of DPA information and compliance materials. Such an audit would incur a separate charge.)

If you would like to discuss Total CCTV Management of your CCTV Systems please click here.