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The BIU is the latest development in video analytics for use in security and business intelligence applications. It is capable of very complex analysis of video streams and can produce alarms dependant on a set of rules, The BIU is a standalone unit allowing it to add value to new and existing CCTV systems. This product is the first autoconfigurable system on the market. This means that it is the only system that automatically adapts itself to changing environments.

Key Benefits

  • Standalone unit – works with analouge or IP cameras, has inbuilt storage to record alarm events, complete transmission device for remote monitoring.
  • Simple Setup – System automatically learns the scene information allowing very fast installation times.
  • Reliable detection – Automatic filtering of other elements (light changes, plants moved by the wind, rain, snow, etc.).
  • Classification – Allows the system to distinguish between people, vehicles, animals and only alarm on set classes.
  • Expandables – unlimited cameras and rules, additional modules can also be added to increase functions (trip-wire, Loitering, left and removed object)
  • I-Lids approved – Home office scientific branch evaluated and given highest accreditation for video analytics.I-lids.gif
  • Unattended Customer – Has the ability to provide end users with added features to increase ROI; Using unattended customer the system can generate an alarm if a person is in an area for longer than a predetermined time allowing it to notify a member of staff via several methods.
  • TWC – Transaction without customer is a feature which when linked to a Point of sale system can raise an alarm when certain criteria is met and a customer is not at the counter. For example if a refund is processed and no customer is at the payment area then an alarm is generated.


The BIU comes as a modular system using extremly robust hardware, and each unit can be purchased as either a 2,4,6 or 8 channels, BIU units can be linked in a master/slave configuration. A 1 terabyte hard drive (expandable) is included to record alarm events.

The built in web browser function allows remote viewing of live images or alarms.

Built in transmission with its own central station recieving software, Immix intergrated (other platforms in development), can also transmit alarms through third party devices.

Email of alarms with either a still image, a video or both as an attachment.

4 inputs and 4/8 outputs to allow connection of external device keypads, sounders, lighting.

User defineable areas of detection.

User defineable schedules to arm and disarm specific cameras/rules.

Export of alarms to USB, DVD or over the network.

Demo Video Files

fence-and-tracks.avi - detection of person entering a protected area, and second detection of person crossing the tracks

person-on-bridge.avi – detection of people on a bridge where there should only be vehicles

What non-analytic sensors see – Example of what causes conventional motion detection alarms

Above scene with analytics – Same scene as above but using video analytics

For more information on this system please Contact us.