Data Protection Awareness Training Course

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CCTV / Data Protection Act Compliance Training Delivered Onsite

This course runs for two and a half hours and is delivered at the Client’s offices, on site or other Client-convenient location. It has been developed for organisations that need to develop their staff awareness but for whom it would be inconvenient to take personnel off-site for a full day.

Who will benefit?

Anyone involved in the use of CCTV, particularly if the scheme involves an element of Public Space coverage. It is of particular value to CCTV Managers & Operators, Estates Managers, Data Processors, Site Supervisors and Heads of Security wanting a refresher. The benefits to all delegates and their organisations is improved confidence in the use of their system, better-informed day-to-day decisions and a reduced risk of accusations of non-compliance being levelled against themselves or their organisation. 


  • The Data Protection Act – What is it? To whom does it apply? Who is responsible for administering it? What is meant by “Personal Data” and “Data Processing” in a CCTV context?
  • Notification and registration - when does the Information Commissioner’s Office have to be notified, and what information must be provided? Checking your registration. Exceptions and exemptions.
  • The penalties for non-compliance.
  • The Beneficial Owner, Data Controller and Data Processor - who are they and what are their obligations and responsibilities?
  • The Eight Principles and detailed implications for CCTV operations - what is allowed and what is not? Differentiating between compliant and non-compliant use.
  • The importance of documented Operating Procedures and the CCTV Policy Document.
  • The requirements for Effective Management, Record Keeping and Compliant Signage. A neat and efficient way of putting these measures in place.
  • Sources of further information

The course is packed full of detailed information and all delegates present for the full session receive a personalised Certificate of Attendance and a copy of the Information Commissioner’s Office CCTV Code of Practice.

About the tutor:

The tutor is a qualified engineer and a highly experienced and respected independent Consultant with over 20 years of CCTV experience, including service with Chubb and Thorn-EMI. He served a two year term as Chairman of the CCTV Section of the British Security industry Association and writes regularly about CCTV issues for the security industry press. He holds membership of both the CCTV User Group and The Security Institute and in addition to carrying out system assessments offers training in technical, managerial and operational aspects of CCTV.

Recent published work includes “Keeping your CCTV system Effective, Compliant and Legal” (HeFMA journal October 09), “Document your way to CCTV Compliance” (Professional Security, Dec 2009 & Jan2010), NVR or DVR? (Professional Security, Mar 2010).

Reference – “A very useful and relevant course - I shall put to good use all the knowledge I gained” - Bal Massand - Estates Security Manager, Thames Valley

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